When will MM get lust baseline?

Can we please go back in time and allow players to pick which line wolf ability we get? There is no reason that the only utility MM can bring comes with a -10% dps loss. It’s fruit one Bc it’s such a simple and practical fix…


Imo it’s really silly that hunters get lust at all.

It is, summon your pet!

And if you attack with said pet, it isn’t a 10% damage loss.

And if you get lust, as well as the other 2 DPS pretty sure it is more then a net gain in overall damage.


But— It doesn’t come with a 10% base loss! Your pet, provided you know how to use it, does approximately 10% of your single -target damage.
Generally, a MM uses its pets Primal Rage Ability on the Boss of whatever instance is happening-ergo, one target.


So you all like the clunky gameplay along with the dps loss just to use our utility spell? Dam you guys are really easy to please lol. The point is no other class has to put up with this ridiculousness so why do hunters? Just make it baseline. Huge quality of life increase.

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No one said that. They were just pointing out that it’s not a 10% loss to have your pet out.


Well, I think it was really dumb that Hunters got a buff to their damage when purposely gimping themselves by running w/o their pet. Kinda like buffing a Warrior for leaving his shield at home, or better, buffing a Dual wielder for only equipping one weapon.
Back to ‘clunky’.
Hunter & Pet playstyle isn’t clunky. Clunky is more the way arcane shot buffs its damage off of Aimed shot. Hunter & Pet is an Iconic role vision, a vision that MM Hunter Spec offered to me when I first got to Azeroth. It had a pet with the role, and I knew it and accepted it, and learned to make it work. I want to KEEP my pet. When other Hunters call for the removal of pet abilities or belittle the need for a pet, it puts my pet at risk, as Somebody was already dumb enough to give out a buff for leaving your partner on the porch, so its hard to expect sense.
You Hunters what don’t want a pet, You should have looked for a Ranger job… or, learned how to really play the MM Hunter spec, working with your pet. You never learned how. Really dumb.

It’s not OUR spell. It’s the pets spell. The Ferocity pet’s spell.


Keep drinking the cool aid lol. Lust should be baseline for hunters as it’s our only raid buff. Stop accepting less


Interestingly, our Hunter pets used to provide us with many, varied, party-wide Buffs… Goats, for instance, provided a stamina buff. and Clefthoofs:
The Clefthoof’s presence inspires your raid, granting them 3% Versatility and 5% Multistrike chance.
Rylaks: The rylak roars, granting all party and raid members 5% additional Haste and 10% additional Stamina.
Deer, the Stag increases your raid’s Versatility by 3%
This? is just a surface scratch of what we don’t have anymore.
So, TELL me about accepting less.


Damn I wish we could have those buffs back, but with ability to custom tailor our pets.


Pets used to have their own Talent Trees. I hadn’t a clue how to effectively use them, too busy trying to control Barrage Shot. A joke, on me.
Mostly, if I wanted a particular ability, I went pet shopping! That was because by the time I caught on, talent trees were history. No more changing our pet, but we COULD change pets, as a method of changing buffs.


Nononono. Back then talents were eithe r more pet dmg or better pet survivability. Pet families still had family specific abilities (cat bleed, wold ap buff etc) and in ferocity pet tree last couple talents were hunter dps buffs along with one cd like buff

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Pet Talent Trees are just something I have heard of. I may have actually used them, not knowing that is what it was. But probably not, as I started playing during MoP, I think, 2014 for sure.
The game was a gift, I had no idea what a expansion was, or how it might affect me.
From time to time, my abilities would change, I didn’t know why… very confusing.
How pets worked back then, my recall is dim. I will say that there was more to a pet in those times, they were more real, more fleshed out. I had a black boar, a pig I tamed in Elwynn Forest. He ran as a Tenacity pet, my unkillable Tank. I think I CHOSE to run him as a Tank. At that time, tenacity meant more than now. I needed a pet that could keep me alive, and he did, countless times. His role was that of a protector, buying me time to learn what I was trying to do, time for me to learn MY role as a Hunter, a competent Hunter. Nowadays, that pig is smarter than me, he supposedly is a Cunning Pet…
I eventually got good enough, I had time to learn more about how I could use my pet. I also learned of the party-wide Pet Buffs. Many MM Hunters never learn those things, never learn to play their pet. Pets are simplified, like many things, but they can still be played as an extension of your being. I do not want to lose that.
Losing our pets, we would lose our autonomy.
Some think pets are of little worth. The truth is, They are priceless!


Man, I miss b rez pet so much.


U just want to be special huh so u have one less class to fight for invitation.

Literally no one is bringing us for that… not with the abundance of mages to be had.
I havent been asked to do lust… practically ever, save for small group content where these is no mage of shaman where these may not be a mage.
If you want a raid buff we need to go back to aspects being raid wide for haste or others as it was in the past… but im not holding my breath.

Yes, that’s exactly it. I don’t understand why that’s controversial. I would argue that hunter should acquire something unique in return to losing lust.

Just wish that more classes had unique utility (druid is a prime example of loads of that) and not just copies of other classes utility.

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This is probably a hugely unpopular opinion but I honestly feel like hunters shouldn’t have lust at all. Instead they should have a party buff that is like “path of the hunt” increases your party movement speed by 6% or something. I know windwalkers have that but it makes more sense for hunters to have it imo.


We did have it. Aspect of the Cheeta. Lost it patch 7.03, Legion pre-patch.
Also lost many party-wide buffs that our pets had provided, for MM, BM&Surv?
Getting them back isn’t likely. At the time MM running Lone Wolf had access to pet buffs.

its not a 10% dps loss. your pets damage makes up the 10%