When will Casual Players get any new content?

You realize this is a MMO, right?


Lately the dungeons they add have always been mythic only. Until the next patch when they break it up and add it to the M+ cycle and in the process made queue-able versions.

They did this with Karazhan. They did this with Mechagon. They will likely do it yet again for Tor’varwhatev.

I’m not really sure what your complain really is. You still have dailies/world quests. Dungeons to queue. Archaeology is missing, but beyond that I fail to see how there’s that much of a difference for this kind of only queue-able playstyle.

Heck, if LFR has domination sockets and shards you have MORE to do than you did before I’d say. As LFR hasn’t really had a reason to run since well…MoP with sets.


I’ve been soloing in WoW for 17 years, son. patpat


And so you’ve missed out on most of the game’s content for 17 years. Congrats.


Theres your problem

When you limit yourself to the rest of end game content, you’ll run out real fast

But that’s not Blizzards fault


It’s not exactly new content, but pet battles are being improved quite a bit in 9.1.5. From Wednesday’s PTR Development notes:

Pet Battles

  • Flawless and family-specific Battle-Training Stones now provide a flat 2,000 experience (was the amount required to gain one level).
  • Fel-Touched Battle-Training Stones now provide a flat 10,000 experience (was the amount required to gain five levels).
  • Battling wild pets with a team of comparable-level pets now provides double experience. Pets on your team are eligible for this bonus if no pet on your team is more than two levels higher than any pet in the wild team.
  • The experience penalty for a pet dying has been reduced to 50% (was 100%). Pets still need to be active for at least one round to be eligible to earn experience from a battle.
  • All pet experience earned in battles is increased by 50%.
    • To compensate, the Pet Battle Bonus Event buff Sign of the Critter has been reduced to 100% (was 200%). The net effect of this is that pet experience gained during the Pet Battle Bonus Event will remain unchanged from current values.
    • Developers’ note: Pet battling is a fun and exciting mini-game, but the current incentives result in esoteric strategies being the only optimal choices. This results in a barrier to entry that discourages players from engaging with this system. We believe this set of changes will widen the range of optimal behavior without nerfing any existing leveling strategies.

So you have every mount, title, pet, and toy from the content?

No? Guess you still have stuff to do Mr casual

Plus you can out gear normal raiding this patch without doing any group content, that’s pretty casual friendly


You say all the content that you haven’t done but refuse to do it and ask for content



Technically korthia is your casual content. Whether you love it or hate it, you have it.


And LFR isn’t?


The audacity of telling others they’re playing the game wrong is astounding.


So what’s stopping you for making your own runs If you’re not a meta spec


No, I did the vast majority of the game’s content, and I experience the raids two expansions after they are current.

I got a realm first fishing achievement, got most of the archaeology achievements, Loremaster, Seeker, collected tons of rare pets and mounts. I have a brutosaur and a black widow and a spectral tiger and an ethereal soul-trader and a dragon kite and a D.I.S.C.O. Ball, and most of the BlizzCon goodies because I attended all but the first BlizzCon. I have 44 level 3 garrisons churning out hexweave bags on the daily. :slight_smile:

I dare say I’ve experienced more of the content than most people.


Nothing is, but a good portion of us don’t prefer to spend more time forming in LFG than we do actually playing the game.


What is guilds for $500 Alex

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One of the weirdest flexes I’ve ever seen. Why would you be proud of this?


“It’s not exactly new content, but pet battles are being improved quite a bit in 9.1.5. From Wednesday’s PTR Development notes

Ty Kirbo, I am looking forward to the new changes to pet battles.


It’s what I spent my time doing because it’s what I wanted to do. What else would a person be proud of?


Who is Alex bro