When Was Your Class/Spec The Most Fun?

(Holymonky) #81

The thing for me is that I just test as many classes/specs as I can before each expac to decide what I want to play and base my decision purely on gameplay not numbers… So in reality I always like my class/spec because that’s the reason I picked it.

Some notably fun specs I’ve played over the years are:

Cata: Survival Hunter.
MOP: Destro lock, Resto Druid, Holy Paladin, Balance Druid.
WoD: (no idea, didn’t play)
Legion: Disc Priest, WW monk, Resto Druid.
BFA: Disc Priest.

(Faraya) #82

All classes were the most fun in MoP to me hands down.


Mop SV hunter WOD BM hunter
Mop demo lock. (this was the pinnacle of specs imo ever for any class i have ever played in every mmorpg. Fun factor 100%)

I enjoyed Mop destro but i actually loved it more in wrath.

I don’t play all classes but id say Mop was the best overall for class fun factor (as i think everything else in Mop was average)

(Bhorum) #84

Last time I enjoyed arms was either Cata or wrath. Whenever the kit was closest to vanilla where we still had dw, rend, OP on dodge, disarm, and retaliation.

Today it feels too different from what made me enjoy the class when I first picked it up.


Lock. Metamorphosis with AOE Lifedrain

(Dremall) #86

Ret Paladin: Close tie between MoP and Wrath. We had seals. We had decent aoe and cleave. We had movement. Wrath we had auras and no holy power, our utility was really really good.

Destro lock: MoP was god mode. Also we had the improved demons. I miss my darn voidlord. Especially the unique dialog they had.

Frost Mage: MoP, frost was made a viable dps spec after having been a pvp only spec for a long time. Miss having the elemental’s freeze give FoF procs.

(Dirtymind) #87

All Classes - When they made core gameplay changes! When they removed hit, when they added haste scaling, crits to dots, improved latency responses, added haste to global cooldown, improved dot clipping.

(Nariala) #88

I don’t know how I feel about it by contrast to now.

But MoP assassination rogue was my jam.
It felt rewarding to maintain slice and dice while doing your rupture upkeep and crimson tempest spam in trash fights.

Popping shadow blades and vendetta during a burst window on a raid boss was also super satisfying.

Also I miss old survival hunter before it became a melee spec.

(Vindecaytor) #89

Fire mage - MoP & WotLK
Arcane - Legion
Frost - vanilla to WotLK