When Was Your Class/Spec The Most Fun?

(Krissignacia) #61
Wrath for me because I had a choice in what I could do.

I remember being in outland and fighting a mob and wondering why it was taking so long. Turns out it was a red level mob.

I miss having the option to tank or be a mini tank as DPS

I wonder what that couldn't be a talent

I miss the relic system cuz it was a prime glyph for an ability then nerfd in cata to be only boring stat increase. Then removed entirly for being useless... Huh wonder why

(Sybille) #62
I don't really have a main because I try to play what feels fun (not necessarily fotm either) each expansion. Here are classes I've invested significant time over multiple expansions. I also cancelled my sub for about 2/3 of MoP so that affects my list.

DK: I think Cata, maybe MoP. Cata refined a lot of the big WotLK issues. Each spec was fun.

Druid: I liked Cata for Guardian and Feral. I have never been a big fan of the caster specs. I'd say I like Legion best for Balance just because I never liked the eclipse bar. I actually liked vanilla Balance a lot too, but the game lacked gear to support it.

Hunter: I think I liked WoD the best, until they nerfed Survival.

Priest: Tough call. I like the current Disc and Holy setups. I don't like Voidform. Probably MoP or Cata for Shadow.

Rogue: I'm going to have to say BC. I liked the old spec trees for rogues and being able to mix and match talents.

Shaman: Probably WotLK, but maybe Cata.

Warlock: Cata

(Masoschism) #63
11/01/2018 02:52 PMPosted by Dumb
To be fair, people rarely ever say that.
That's because when something is fun there is little motivation to come to the boards and complain.

11/01/2018 02:52 PMPosted by Dumb
Even in MOP, which seems to be the most wanted state of classes now, there were plenty of people that wanted wrath back at the time.
WotLK was probably the second most enjoyed expansion for classes, so those that had the motivation to come complain wanted THAT back.

Regardless, I am fairly certain consensus is that in general (but not necessarily for every spec) MoP was the most fun expansion for how classes played. Designers would do well to consider that going forward instead of continuing to double down on a chain of sixes.

(Favi) #64

I loved my class, elemental shaman, during MoP and was happy to say it. I was in the middle of starting a business and didn’t have much time, so I was relegated to doing brawlers guild. Sheet was bananas, the arena was always crowded, but I could see I was stacked up well against the competition.

Jump into a raid, the numbers were good, performance was fine. You didn’t feel like you were caught or hung up by some strange idiosynchronicity of mechanics or rotation unless it was a personal misplay. You blew that cooldown out of turn? You’re standing in that fire? You’re not hitting that DPS window hard enough? If you hit a wall, it was because you ran into it, not because the situation wasn’t avoidable or there wasn’t a solution you could have pursued in a different manner.

Right now, if you’re not hitting your numbers, it’s because you’re straight up disadvantaged by design and acquisition. You need a mobility? You don’t have it. You need a survival? You need one every minute and you only have one every 3, so suck it die the second time, you’ll never live through that particular combo ever. You need to hit that DPS window harder? Your dps cooldown is the group utility, you aren’t hitting it any harder than this. Oh your pet is your DPS cooldown? Ya bleep your pet, he doesn’t take advantage of this or your mastery either.
You hit a wall, it’s by failures of design.

(Raziael) #65

For Dk Wrath. No other expansion even comes close in terms of talent choices, gear setups and range of play styles available. Not to mention the smoothness of play DK had in that expac. Graphically the class was at it’s best as well; Blood Boil, Howling Blast, Desecration, Death and Decay all had unique and compelling animations.

(Aynrand) #66

Hunter during the era when the Rhok quest was live and when pet stats and choice mattered. It was the first “mage tower” type of skills check to get the Rhok bow and shared knowledge in the Hunterverse to know what pets were good for pvp or pve.

Now everything is bland and generic, BFA doesn’t even have any pet taming challenges, and the play styles have been gutted and seriously one even turned into a MELEE?


Another Dk saying Wrath.

As mentioned before the different variations of builds for DPS and Tanking was great, there were issues, but overall I had really hoped the flexibility of the DK Class was something that would spread to other classes, instead they went the complete opposite direction.

(Jargan) #68

Elemental Shaman - MoP It was the most fun I have had with the spec by far.


Destro Lock in MoP was the most fun I’ve ever had with any class/spec ever. Nothing has even come close since then

(Welshcorgi) #70

ww mid mop made me very-very happy. it wasn’t bad in legion too.

lol, used to have so much fun with priest. very nostalgic. pretty staggering how bad classes seem to be if you really start to think about it.

(Vanril) #71

For me surv hunter cata. I loved it. I miss it.

(Tordug) #72

Demon Lock, Burning Crusade…

Having played since the beta for classic wow on this Forsaken Warlock the tanking we started at the end of classic, (Twin Emps) and continued throughout BC made me very happy. As well as the original felguard was an actual beast and was originally the ONLY pet with the avoidance passive… Anyone else remember demonic frenzy?

I had other guilds on my server asking me to join their raids or teach their locks because the “uber spec” of the time was the sm/ruin or sm/sac spec. I was still competing at the top as demon, (when servers stood alone except for pvp instances) and its never been as good since…

They did add a few pet cc breaks/controls in wrath that were nice but BC was the pinnacle for me.

Tanking as a warlock was one of the best things wow ever did, and the 2nd worst thing they did when they removed resists/caster tanks.

The very worst thing was the Cata talent system making every spec a single spec with no crossover or experimentation, but that’s another thread :slight_smile:

This is the reason I am always active in the threads asking for demonology to upgrade the felguard to something not from 2006 and focus more on that side of the play style :smile: BIG A%& DEMONS!

Death to the Living!

(Fookie) #73

yeah, i don’t care what everyone says about mop, but that probably was the best time to play wow.
casters were able to actually cast on the run, whether by glyphs or procs, plate wearers actually felt like plate wearers, and classes felt like they each brought something unique to a raid. the dumbing down of wow has been the worst thing ever and is ruining play. ever notice how happy dumbing down’s made them? me neither; they just complain about something else. (hint hint)

(Deflux) #74

MOP or Wrath, I used to play a SV hunter and I’d love to have either of those back.
*MOP was fun for many of classes, I spent the last part of it leveling up almost one of every class.

(Bepples) #75

BM/SV: MoP, with WoD being close
MM: WoD, particularly in 6.2

Loved WoD SV, but to be accurate it was not perfect. It needed a unique CD, better avenues for add burst where needed, and better interaction between Serpent Sting and the rest of the toolkit.

But I do think it was the closest to “perfect” perhaps out of any iteration, even though I enjoyed it just a bit more in MoP.

To be fair to Legion: BC and Vanilla were worse. Class design has still come a long way since then.

Not accurate, at least not personally. I praised my specs (BM/SV) a lot in MoP/WoD.

(Thalerion) #76

My main is an enhancement shaman, MoP was by far the best but I really enjoyed WoD as well since there were zero changes to enhancement mechanics between the two expansions.

I miss fire nova, I hated having to cleave flame shock off my primary target onto other mobs just to do my aoe because it made farming old content an absolute pita since there was effectively NO aoe outside of liquid magma totem because you can’t cleave flameshock with a mob that dies in 1 hit.

Other than that it was amazing, truly amazing, I’m actually SERIOUSLY thinking of finding a private server for MoP and going back in time because enhancement is a pathetic joke of what it used to be in MoP.

(Sybille) #77

I always hated losing a ton of bag space to ammo and pet food. Those are things I’ll never miss for hunter. I think my favorite hunter design was SV during WoD pre SS changes. I also didn’t mind Legion SV as a melee spec even though it was kind of clunky.

(Bowyonce) #78

MoP Warlock was the pinnacle of warlock design. All specs were enjoyable af.

And you know why? Because the class designer that time actually consulted top warlock players and would go to other forums and ask for feedback from us players but still remained objective.

Current designers are all convinced they are the sh-t and won’t listen to feedback because they think they know what they’re doing. And that is why we get what we have now, folks.

At least in Legion, they actually TRIED to fix class issues after a major patch. 8.1 is about to ship, and alot of classes and specs are still SH-T!


Enhancement Shaman anytime before Legion.
I really hate what that expansion did to the spec, feels lackluster and boring.
The only good thing currently going on for it are the nice visuals, but the amount of utility and fun abilities we’ve lost don’t make up for it.

(Gennosuke) #80

Basically everything in MoP and if DH existed then too, it would have been better I’m sure as well. Right now DH is probably in the best place period out of any class and I’m sure they will screw them up too, they just need more time to sharpen the prune sheers. I did like legion DH more then Bfa, it was quicker and you were like a solo God, now they are slower demigods