When Was Your Class/Spec The Most Fun?

(Risky) #41
3.0 and the Day of Ret. Best time in the entire game.

Wrath in general for Ret was really good. Ret was at the height of its power with lots of survival, healing, burst, utility and just...abilities. It had been lifted up from being garbage and gimmicky to being legitimately powerful with lots of things to use. That there were things you didn't need or didn't bother with says something about just how much good stuff you had.

(Roujeaux) #42
MoP Destro was so OP, but the core mechanics were the best fun I've ever had playing Warlock since I started in mid BC. I quit playing over the Legion revamp, and have no interest in returning to WoW until I can experience something balanced, yet similar.

(Spamrofl) #43
Resto Shammy : BC
Enh Shammy : Wotlk, cata, mop
Ele Shammy: BC, Wotlk, cata, mop

DK all specs: Wotlk

Bare Durid: Cata, MoP

(Bigdiggles) #44
Legion. Has gone downhill since then. Currently there are no PTR plans to fix our talent tree, despite much community feedback. This is the biggest issue for vengeance demon hunters. We only have two talent rows that with multiple viable choices. Feelsbadman.

(Apprehended) #45
Fire Mage (PvP): Vanilla. This is due in part to PvP content being comprised entirely of objective based games (BGs) rather than deathmatches (arenas) and partly due to us having considerable firepower to offset our squishiness. Then BC came out and between the addition of resilience and forcing all PvP "progression" into arena deathmatches it all went downhill fast on the PvP front for fire and me personally because I much prefer objective-based PvP (like CTF) to deathmatches.

Shadow Priest (PvE): WotLK. I think in part it was because I switched my main from mage to Spriest with this expansion and it was new and exciting for me to be playing a different class. Also I enjoyed the utility of VT/VE and being able to drop out and heal if things got sticky on an encounter. I wasn't just stuck in damage mode like I was on my mage, but could switch roles on the fly if I needed to.

I took about a 10 year break after WotLK and only recently returned, so I'm not familiar with how classes played on the expansions in between then and now.

(Churchmouse) #46
I enjoyed Ret most in Wrath. I don't mind holy power, but I also don't think it actually adds complexity to the spec. Divine Storm was super fun and I enjoyed having magic dispel instead of an interrupt (made me feel different). MoP and WoD were a mixed bag for me, but I understand why a lot of Rets say these were the best.

I liked how in Legion we could take both Divine Purpose and Crusade thanks to the Soul of the Highlord legendary. But the Judgment window sucked and we're still stuck with that stupid horse.

(Drnrz) #47

(Xaedys) #48
Marksmanship: WoD, and specifically HFC. The set bonus plus the talent options was amazing.

Survival: WoD, and specifically BRF, before they kneecapped it for the last 2/3rds of the expansion.

Destruction: MoP, especially before they nerfed Kil'jaeden's Cunning. Machine-gunning Chaos Bolts was amazingly fun.

Demo: MoP, with Demonic Fury as a resource. Especially with Dark Apotheosis and being able to tank 5-man dungeons, that was amazingly fun.

Fire: Legion, actually. I really really enjoyed Fire in Legion. It isn't terrible in BfA either, but the loss of the artifact traits really hurt it.

Shadow: MoP. I really really miss the shadow orb system, especially the ravens glyph that went with it, and the combo-point-like Devouring Plague consumer system.

(Krenna) #49
Funny how no one say "right now my spec is fantastic!" XDDD

(Deflux) #50
Hunter and for me it's a toss up between MOP and Wrath. (both were really fun design)

Trying a BM now but kinda bland Zzzzzzz.

(Taeldoriàn) #51
MoP was a good time for Hpal. We had just about everything in our kit (which was fairly OP) but there was also a lot to do within the spec itself that made it fun. Blanketing the raid with EF to keep mastery up while using radiance to proc daybreak for cleave HS was fun. Cooldowns like Guardian of ancient kings combined with procs like daybreak added a ton of depth to the spec.

I’d also say legion was fun for the most part. Nighthold tier set was great, ToS was also great due to legendary set up shifting a bit, etc.

Overall though I’d say I had the most fun in MoP. I didn’t raid too heavy back then but I loved playing the spec regardless of what I was doing. I wasn’t a huge fan of Holy power though but it was a small grievance that was easy to look past imo.

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10/31/2018 08:19 PMPosted by Krenna
Funny how no one say "right now my spec is fantastic!" XDDD
To be fair, people rarely ever say that. Even in MOP, which seems to be the most wanted state of classes now, there were plenty of people that wanted wrath back at the time.

(Carnielfz) #53
Warlock/Rogue - TBC
SPriest - MoP

(Gelshor) #54
Druid and frost dk, cataclysm
WW Monk, legion
Shadow priest, Cataclysm
Hunter, cataclysm
Warrior, cataclysm
Mage, cataclysm

I skipped over MoP since it was getting in the way of school.

(Hrothknut) #55
10/30/2018 06:23 AMPosted by Iamobese
fury warr was fun in legion

Pre-patch for sure was... with legendaries and 30%+ haste.

Spec rework at the end of beta was ironically one of the better done ones as it mapped into pre-patch with inflated stats and rage gen from helm/legs. WW/AoE was a bit weak, but mechanically the spec flowed well, if a bit simplistic (not like it was ever really that complicated).

WotLK, ICC era Fury was probably my favorite though, spamming WW like crazy because rage was functionally infinite.

Unpopular opinion- due to extreme spec fantasy, they basically have 36 classes now, which is WAAAAY too much to attempt to balance in all important 'niches' of the game. Prune specs, not abilities IMO. That or go back to more overlap of the specs like we had with vanilla talent builds such that you played a CLASS more that just a SPEC.

(Imvapor) #56
Frost Mage - MoP
Spriest - MoP
Arms - MoP
Ele - MoP

The more I think about it, the more sad I get because it's been so long since many classes have felt "complete"

(Elenstelle) #57
Lock, Pally, DK, and Mage?


(Meadamemnon) #58
ELE- BC and WotLK and to a lesser extent Legion

Pally- BC and WotLK

DK- Cata and Legion

(Kungfopanduh) #59
MoP for pretty much every spec in the game.

(Fadix) #60
Warlock my class was fun from BC up to MOP...