When Was Your Class/Spec The Most Fun?

(Anastasìa) #21
Balance and resto - wotlk

(Mythôs) #22
Cata Arms: having different abilities off the gcd felt amazing. Very fast paced.

MoP Shaman: All specs were amazing but i really miss Enchance.

MoP Lock: Yeah it was OP and had a bit too much in it's kit but c'mon it was fun.

WoD Mistweaver or Unholy DK: Dunno why but both of these were really fun.

Cata Spriest: I miss them being a hybrid DoT/burst class. Those juicy Mind Blast crits felt amazing.

I can't think of any spec right now that feels as good as previous builds. >.>

(Chåoslord) #23
For demonology mop was the place.
I loved the kil'jadens cunning that allowed us to cast while moving. Also lived the defensive glyph of demon hunting and the grimoire of supremacy.

I was actually hoping for talents this expansion to have this breakdown.


But just like glyphs stopped i am guessing they limited what we gained per level class wise fir improvement

(Iamobese) #24
fury warr was fun in legion

(Ebolachan) #25
Enhance/Frost mage/War was MoP. I really, loved Ret in TBC. Enhance was a lot of fun prior to MoP too.

(Victor) #26
I was just thinking about how much Enhance lost from MoP

Fire Ele
Earth Ele
Healing stream totem
Healing tide totem
Fire nova
Magna totem (that's fine)
Searing totem
Feral spirits healing
Weapon Imbues (now boring buttons you hit every 12 seconds)
Flame shock
Frost shock
Earth shock
...pretty sure I'm forgetting something like Chain heal

(Mattshifts) #27
Gladiator Warrior - was the most fun I have ever had in Wow, with the right Macros you were an unstopabble dps machine.

Wrath Blood DPS- It was basically impossible to have more fun that that.

MoP Frost DPS- Howling Blast being the main damage ability basically made you ranged dps, so much fun I played every moment I could.

Wod Survival Hunter- Why in Gods name did they change anything, it was perfect.

Legion Prot Warrior- Macro Shield Block/Ignore Pain/Demo Shout to everything, never die, so much fun.

(Ravenfell) #28
For Mage (Frost and Fire) -> MoP and WoD
MoP was just too good. Alter Time, Deep Freeze, Shatter Combo doing actual damage, Blazing Speed, old Combustion.

The two things I really disliked about WoD were Prismatic Crystal and Rune of Power. Everything else was really good for me.

(Arlen) #29
Holy: Legion, i feel like Holy really came into into its own last expansion, BFA still feels good but its just stripped down. Really miss our artifact ability.
DIsc: BFA, Honestly i think Disc is perfectly designed, its probably one of the best designed classes in the game at the moment. High skill cap, and very fun to play.
Shadow: WOTLK, i really miss the hybrid aspect of this class and stronger dots. passive vampire embrace was so iconic. and Vampiric touch giving mana to everyone (in both TBC and to a lesser extent WOTLK) was really cool. Shout out to Mop and Wod for spectral guise though. BFA's shadow is an atrocity.

Windwalker: MOP, besides the terrible mastery mechanic, i loved how the damage flowed back then, and i miss casting those orbs and porting back to them for a ton of HP.
Balance: MOP, the bar mechanic wasn't always fun, but it gave the class something unique, there is absolutely nothing interesting about balance now its been reduced to a builder spender spec like 90% of the dps classes.
Elemental: Cata, i miss moving lightning bolt, and lightning bolt actually doing damage. BFA's elemental is the clunkiest mess ive ever seen.

(Ivanstone) #30
Prot Warrior
1 Mid-Late Legion. Anger Management was the ability that Prot always needed and this was where it was at its best.
2 Wrath - Early Legion. Things were generally pretty good although not necessarily for the same reason.
3 Early BFA. Deafening Crash is neat.
4 Mid - Beyond BFA. Why you gotta nerf DC Blizz?
5 BC. Better than Vanilla at least.
6 Vanilla. Will someone explain to me what's so compelling about Vanilla WoW?
Other Classes
1 Meh. If you were any fun to play I'd have at least one at L120. As it is other classes are for herb and battle pet farming.

(Weberorelius) #31
ELE: BC and Wrath. All lightning or one big meatball. The hayday for sure

DK: Cata, both DPS specs just plain fun.

Ret: BC, yeah I want to judge seals again. You bet.

(Waywithwords) #32
Hunter: TBC
Ret: Wrath
DK: Wrath, especially Blood DPS and 2H Frost
Warrior: WoD Gladiator stance
Monk: MoP
Druid: MoP
Rogue: MoP
Warlock: MoP
DH: Legion

(Cyllinix) #33
DK- wrath just because of how many different hybrid type specs you could run, followed closely by cata/mop (<3 necrotic strike)

Hunter- cataclysm (all specs)

Warlock- MoP x1000 (all specs)

Rogue - cataclysm(mainly talking sub here)

Ele sham- wotlk/MoP/legion all felt pretty good for ele imo

Enh sham- literally any time before legion.

Warrior- WotLK but there were also high points for certain specs in other xpacs as well.

I'll throw in that every single one of those feels miserable to play now in BfA.

(Nariala) #34
MOP assassination was probably the most fun I had with the spec ever.

(Yura) #35
hunter: any time pre-legion

(Foctordreeze) #36
MM hunter: Pre-6.2 WoD. Aspect of the fox powershot. Kill shot with a heal. Skill-based mastery. Fun stuff.

Ret paladin: WoD. Empowered seals was the most versatile talent in the game. Final verdict was pretty fun too. You could make a ranged burst build with a combination of certain talents/glyphs. Execution sentence was both fun and viable.

All warlock specs: MoP. Xelnath was a great class dev, very in touch with the players. He made warlock players feel like gods.

Arms and fury war: MoP. Lots of tools. One-shot macro with dragon's roar was loads of fun in BG's, especially kotmogu.

Those are all the classes I have exp with.

(Krenna) #37
Arms was good until Wrath. Since Cata and the shorted Talent Trees I think It lost a few good things. Since Legion it's boring as hell.

Enhance/Elem were good in Legion but now both are kinda crappy.

(Favi) #38
Elemental during Legion following 7.1.5, felt like the meta and someone would discover a few new things every patch or content block. They'd often be small incremental improvements due to a gear like normal, but also because people would try out different legendaries. The talents supported multiple playstyles for different situations that weren't simply single target vs AoE like it was for many classes.

DK WotLK. There was nothing like having the entirety of the Frost, Unholy, and Blood talents open like a library where you pick and choose how you wanted to tank. It was overwhelming, yes, but the ability to experiment was fantastic. I would play mercenary tank helping groups out in ICC while trying out a build that would help me do "X better while tanking as Unholy" one week or "Y better while dealing with stuff as Blood" the next.

Hunter TBC. There were just a lot more abilities and things to consider, and I remember collecting pets during that time due to their unique family abilities. While some of those pet abilities have become standardized, they also feel like they were watered down as well. I still jump on my hunter, hunterS now, but only to farm. Beast Master is the best, but it was streamlined into being boring.

WoD for classes wasn't terrible, I just remember that there was a lack of content for anyone that wasn't involved with raiding.

(Malchior) #39
WotLK DK. Tank as any spec, dual wield or two hander. YOU choose! Raise friends as zombies if they died like noobs. Blood DPS was great, Frost tanking was awesome as well.

(Altargirl) #40
Survival in Wrath, without a doubt, my favourite time playing this game.