When Was Your Class/Spec The Most Fun?

(Chorong) #1
I'll start first.


MoP, by far. Void Tendrils? Feathers/Phantasm? Spectral Guise?! Mind Spike and Devouring Plague for actual burst?! Yes please. It's so sad to see the state of spriest after playing my spriest since vanilla.

Frost Mage:

Cata. The last time shatter combo was a thing. Rip. A second would be WoD frost mage.



Legion. I haven't touched ele as much in previous expansions, but man Icefury+Stormkeeper+Gust of Wind+the 4p tier bonus made ele tons of fun in PvE and PvP.

End Edit:

What about you? Discuss.

(Yvaelle) #2
Spriest: MOP

(Jorlkal) #3
DK: WoTLK. The sheer amount of choice we had was outstanding. You wanna dw as unholy and tank? !@#$in go for m8, just spec and gear right. 2h dps blood? Very nice go top those meters.

Loved it. Talent choices and gearing could really define your characters play style.

(Cretus) #4
Anything warlock before MOP. Although I loved mop destro. The previous expansions made it fun with all the abilities, and choices you had.

But if I were to settle on just one? WOTLK Destro.

(Sucy) #5
Demo mainspec, affi offspec lock who quit the game when legion dropped and only came back to keep my character max level in case they stop smoking !@#$.
Mists. Definitely Mists of Pandaria.

(Thathotgirl) #6
3.0 Affliction, nothing will ever compare.

(Masoschism) #7
MM: WoD (though WotLK and MoP were close)

WW: MoP >>>>>> all others (why did we lose SFB again?)

Destro: WotLK

Arcane: TBC (only because I was the only one and was topping the meters. It felt good for others to look on and wonder "wtf?")

(Drakaeon) #8
Funny how everyone says MOP... when ability "Bloat" was at it's peak - triggering the infamous "Prune".

Turns out players like having more abilities, more choice, and more ways to interact with and customize how they play their character (reforging, enchanting, engineering/tailoring effects on gear, belt buckles, stat breakpoints, snapshoting...)

Who would have guessed?

(Maybeitsroxx) #9
MoP Spriest, Destro, and Boomkin omg loved me some boomkin. Machine gun star surges were the best.

(Maybeitsroxx) #10
10/29/2018 05:09 PMPosted by Drakaeon
Funny how everyone says MOP... when ability "Bloat" was at it's peak - triggering the infamous "Prune".

Turns out players like having more abilities, more choice, and more ways to interact with and customize how they play their character (reforging, enchanting, engineering/tailoring effects on gear, belt buckles, stat breakpoints, snapshoting...)

Who would have guessed?

This was the pinnacle of the wow experience for me. I really enjoyed every class and spec to the fullest.

(Cirenavi) #11
Mop, seems like all the classes have gone backwards instead of forwards since then

(Ehelolx) #12
Enh shaman: wod, mop. Fire nova = delicious. Spec is meh after wod.

Mm hunter: wod with chimera cleave, although it was always fun when kill shot existed. Spec was deleted after wod.

Elemental was the only spec I liked in legion, but I never played it before that. BfA version is dull.

Destro lock: wotlk, mop.

Haven't played anything else that much. BfA has left class design in ruins imo and I've unsubbed but if any of the above specs get fun again I'll play.

(Hareelarry) #13
hpal in MoP.
I would have to think long hard and deeply to imagine an improvement to Mists holy paladin without making the spec simply overpowered or too complicated or too simple. I had tools for everything but everything affected everything else and had an opportunity cost. Even the spammable spells weren't truly spammable as they would oom you or limit your mobility or gimp your throughput.

You could pick talents blindfolded without hurting your performance, and yet....
Every. Decision. Mattered.

You could just spam your bread and butter spells and get by, but to approach the spec skill ceiling....
Every. Decision. Mattered.

I'm just a filthy casual, a LFR hero, but in my defense I routinely got invited to people's guild raids after running LFR or 5mans with them.

Without the skill gap/cap, kiss the pro players goodbye, and the riff-raff and the rabble will exodus shortly thereafter.

(Gumble) #14
Ice Crown Citadel. The number of times I hit cooldowns and became God-Bear to save my dps warriors who would die to threat if I wasn't there.....

The best easily being our first 25 man LK kill, where I popped every survival CD I had right before Arthas killed the entire raid..... and I lived.

I then went into cat form and dpsed him while he got sucker punched by Tirion. I got him down to 1 HP before my raid rezzed to finish him with them screaming at me over vent to not bug our first kill just cause "I R FERAL RAWR I DON'T DIE!"

It was a good time.... I miss that.

(Sesshomaru) #15
Warrior: Vanilla, TBC, WotLK. Arms spec all the way, until Glad stance in WoD

Paladin: TBC, WotLK, Cata, MoP and WoD(kinda). Retnub.

Rogue: Vanilla. Combat and Hemo build.

Shaman: Vanilla, TBC. 2-handed Enhance.

I don't play many classes.

(Victor) #16
Survival Hunter: Wrath or MoP.
Death Knight: Wrath (Frost DK WoD)
Shaman Enhancement: MoP
Retribution Paladin: Wrath or MoP
Protection Paladin: Legion

(Kalycia) #17
Shadow - MoP

There was just something so satisfying about blanket silencing a healer and dumping a 3 orb DP + Insanity channel into them for amazing burst.

Demonology - MoP

This is the spec I'll never be able to play again or forgive blizzard for killing.

Fire - Cata

Started maining a spriest in MoP, but I'll always have a place in my heart for fire being a dot cleave spec with a hard hitting nuke, as apposed to the machine gun it is now.

(Xoja) #18
PVP perspective

Destro: WotLK - Many people didn't realize how strong and fun Destro actually was in PVP in WotLK. Instant Incinerates (when it actually did damage), Chaos Bolt + Conflag combos before they gave Chaos Bolt a big cast time, it was so good and fun. WotLK Destro was the father of Wizard Cleave.

Affliction: Cata/MoP - definitely a tossup, it was similar in both expansions but Cata might get a slight edge. Spreading DoTs was never more fun than it was in Cata and MoP.

Shadow Priest: Vanilla - hands down, the best Shadow Priest PVP ever. Especially random 1v1s out in the world or duels. Shadow Priests were also good in bigger fights, because of their durability, damage and insane off-healing. Undead Spriest with Devouring Plague, mmmhmm.

Frost Mage: WotLK - shatter combos, Deep Freeze, don't really need to say more.

Assassination Rogue: WotLK - Mutilate/Envenom spec was amazing and extremely fun to play in Wrath. Fun opener, great CC and magic damage made it viable against Plate classes.

Ret Paladin: WotLK - WotLK was the height of pre-Holy Power Ret Paladins. Ret always had good sustainability and utility but WotLK was the introduction of Ret actually being a great DPS spec, while still being true to the original Paladin mechanics of seals and auras. Seal of Blood/Martyr was great. Huge crits.

Arms Warrior: Vanilla/MoP - tough choice here, but I'll probably lean towards Vanilla. Arms had huge crits and was extremely feast or famine in PVP depending on how skilled you were and/or if you had support. Either way, it was very fun to play even though it had glaring weaknesses (Frost Mage, skilled Rogues and Shadow Priests).

Ele Shaman: MoP - Played Ele a lot in MoP, it was really satisfying to play and had great utility. I actually liked Legion Ele too, but we still had real totems in MoP so I can't really say I preferred Legion over MoP for Ele.

(Deadlyreflex) #19
Sub rogue: Cata by miles, was the most fun I've had playing this game.

MM Hunter: WotLK, was a great time to play hunter. So many tools to succeed in any situation.

(Silverbolt) #20
For retribution I would say there were several high points.

1) WotLK - I started playing in ICC patch, but I remember it fondly as first expansion. Fun flashy and straightforward spec that was.

2) WoD - is definitely another high point. There was just enough procs and abilities to make it fun. Plus it was quite mobile spec at that time. Lots of fun memories, before the big prune of Legion.

3) Late Legion - when haste was high and artifact was researched, spec's cleave shined like never before, it was a good time in retrospective.