When was the last time a dev leveled?

and didn’t just use a pre-made dev toon to test anything. judging by the heirloom set “bonuses” I’m going to guess it’s been at least a decade.

rested xp bonus actively incentivizing you NOT to play the toon you want to level

unless SL is a lot harder (from everything we’re hearing it’s not) you haven’t needed to stop and drink/eat while leveling since BC who cares about regeneration

a small burst of AOE dmg and 2 min buff for something you’ll probably earn in town at quest givers is insane

I know a lot of us even haven’t leveled a toon in a long time, especially form level 1-cap but seriously these set bonuses just show a simple lack of understanding of your own game. when someone who hasn’t leveled a toon in like 2 years or so can say “oh yeah those are garbage and can’t believe anyone would think otherwise” you best pick up the mouse and keyboard and start playing your game again.


I doubt anyone in the management position or influences changes in the game, plays any of it seriously past what they need to do the minimal parts of their jobs.


When I think about a dev playing this game I just imagine them getting one shot by infinite stars and saying to themselves. “Oh! Ha ha! Look at that! 100 to 0 in less than a second! That was fun! I’m a genius!”


Must be nice being hooked up to some sort of sci-fi machine that lets you play 24/7.


from what people are saying it only takes a few hours to hit lvl cap. you’ll never even have a chance to get more than a night or 2 worth of rested xp.


They’re shooting for 15-20 iirc for the avg player, that’s more than a night or two.

I think that for the relic set they need to be something like this

2 pieces: a 10-15% walking speed
4 pieces: a chance to improve some of your secondary stats.
6 pieces: an aoe that charges up and uleash something like a holy nova, arcane explosition, or thunder clash.

And also, add some fun weapon proc

Like make true silver sword have chance to holy damage the target.
Or the arcanite rapier has an execute to execute mob when the mob is under 35% health
Make the shield relfect spells or something


People have been using mountain dew and pizza rolls to accomplish this forever


That’s not what that incentivizes at all…

It gives you greater returns on a feature already in the game. If you think this bonus incentivizes not playing, than the feature itself is what actually incentivizes the behavior. But that would still be wrong. This is largely a passive feature that most players net naturally because the vast majority of players don’t play all day, or at the very least don’t play one character all day. Even in quarantine, you could not convince me to spend that much time on a single toon, and I don’t even play alts for purposes other than gold farming.

This point is a massively convoluted misunderstanding, or it’s complaining just to complain.


Probably a TON since you know…they revamped the whole leveling. As a developer myself, I test TF out of my stuff. It’s pretty ignorant to think they don’t test their own design lmao


welcome to 8.3 can i introduce you to corruptions?


It isn’t a matter of whether or not they test it, the mentality of a developer is different from a player. Their goal is to create, and often times teams may work separately. If I remember right, class devs for RIFT were completely separate from the dungeon/raid making team and often had to create their class based on that content to ensure viability. Which made things rather tricky.

More than likely this is a case of “Let’s get something down and see if it works thenc hange it after.”

Shadowlands leveling is so fast you’ll probably reach cap in one sitting. That damage buff will be up so often.


Even if not literally useless the rested XP thing isn’t going to be all that great considering people have leveled 1-50 in the beta in 5 hours.

On top of the fact that rested XP doesn’t affect the majority of XP that you get these days which is quest hand-ins or the XP you get from finishing a dungeon/BG.

It would have been a fantastic bonus in Vanilla, but the way leveling is now it’s barely even going to be noticed.


A speed leveler, in untuned XP amounts, they’re shooting for 15-20 hours for a normal person, that definitely will include a decent amount of rested xp since it seems like the avg person plays less than 4 hours a day and probably not all on the character they are leveling.

I really don’t think the issue is leveling speed its what they are replacing the xp buff the heirlooms with just don’t seem that useful or good.
There was a good article on wowhead that had some good suggestions for heirloom set bonuses from speed leveling twitch streamer.

" * 2 pieces: 15% movement speed that stacks with minor speed to boots + WoD cloak enchant (gift of haste/vers/crit).

  • 4 pieces: Proc that reduces cooldown and does AoE damage to all enemies around you splitting damage based on that number.

  • 6 pieces: Gain the ability to use flying at level 10 (150%) and avatar like damage boost proc."

I think these would be a better fit.


Bro, if I had a character where I logged in and was like…whatever… and logged back out.

Oh yes, they are those Horde alts…

Even that wont really contribute a whole lot considering the part about rested XP not affecting where you get the majority of your XP from while leveling.

Plus the fact that you get it rather slowly even while logged out in a rest zone and even if you try to let it build up, you can’t have more than 1 level at a time.

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I don’t mind the rested bonus, just sad it’s TWO bonuses.

I think the aoe buff will be more helpful than people think. This isn’t classic where you spend 70% of your questing is leveling.

Quest hubs are lumped together, send you to nearby focused areas for multiple quests, and there is no need to run back to a city to train. And you have a mount.

This will also happen in dungeons frequently and with LFD you aren’t wasting any of the time running.

And with the reduced leveling time of about 15 hours for 50 levels that’s an average of 3 levels per hour or a level every 20 minutes.

IMO they need to make the final bonus a lot better. Maybe movement speed, something.

Yeah, I was thinking the exact same thing every time I level I won’t be in a spot to even use the buff.