When the wow classic will figure the queue time

i went to shower for like 15 mins, and now its off and ask me to re-queue. 260 min, i know the server transfer is free, but all my buds in this server, how can I transfer out? If Blizzard didnt figure this out. we are going out.

They are actively engaged in discussing potential solutions with the community.

I have no problem for that. but show some move. free transfer is not working. stop people transfer to Whitemana it is good. but we need more space on the server. combine? layer? we dont care, we just do wanna line up for hours. if we are playing waiting games, we better just stop playing

This is a super misleading way to put it. They’re not ‘actively engaged in discussing potential solutions’, they’re asking whether or not people want layering.

Do you see that as different?

Sure. It’s frustrating having queue times and not wanting to take the free transfers. Not having queue times would be much better.

Let’s hope we have a reasonable solution soon that doesn’t cause too much rage on the forums :slight_smile:

‘solutions’ implies more than one.

Whatever server you transfer to is going to get broken and experience the same problem all over again if Blizzard allows transfers to other full servers that have queues.