When TBC classic comes out they should release level boosts to 58!

Transfer servers and Fresh servers. No boosts.

The end.

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The way populations are i for see issues or perma Layering because of the size of servers the only way to get around that is to transfer players since we are moving into a smaller overall map than Azeroth. If players have that much of an issue with layering… then they will have transfer there still exssiting characters… which was the option i gave.

Back when tbc launched they made new servers and not many people took the free xfers right away. Blizz threatened to transfer us if not enough transferred with no guarantee your friends would get transferred with you if you were someone who got force moved. That opened up the flood gates for free transfers. They need to enforce server pop caps for tbc. The things people complain about now will just get worse if they don’t.

They aren’t supposed to be caught up. That’s not authentic to TBC. I was 70 with epic flying and geared in max level blues and a smattering of epics before I ever saw a belf or goat in Outland. It was fun making belf lives absolutely miserable in hellfire. Those addict elves know what they did.

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Well it’s not just draenei and blood elves that people will be giving a try in TBC. Druids stop being memes in TBC too, so I expect there to be a bump in the number of night elves and tauren coming up too. Even if I couldn’t level a draenei or blood elf during prepatch, I certainly would roll a druid.

The only way to stop boosting would be to make it impossible for lower levels to benefit from playing with higher level ones, which would impact casual players trying to get their friends back into TBC (and guilds filling their rosters) far more than it would boosters.

And thus, Retail mentality is well and truly rooted in Classic. :frowning:

I don’t know why people keep trying to make people play the game their way. If the way I want to play the game is by not playing the game I should be allowed to do that, or, ah, not do that. If I’m paying $15 a month then blizzard should calculate the average amount of time it takes a person to reach level 70 playing the game their way, by playing the game. And I should get a level 70 in that amount of time, if I pay, by playing the game my way. By not playing the game.

no /thread

You dont get to play the game the way the game wasnt intended to be played. Thats it.

Then why don’t they level those druids now instead of waiting??

But video games isn’t the only thing I do. When I get boosted I can multitask. I just finished watching The Office all the way through while afk-ing at the dungeon entrance. It was great because I’ve only watched it 8 times from beginning to end. When I boost my next alt I’m gonna watch Friends again. 10 times from beginning to end isn’t enough. I’m not gonna stop until I get to at least a dozen. You can waste your time playing the game. I’m gonna use that time more constructively by playing the game by not playing the game and multitasking until I become an expert authority on The Office and Friends. Knowledge is power!!!

Goodluck on your journey for trivia knowledge. Oscar would be proud.

Good thing they don’t have to. They can group with their friends at any level.

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I think that had more to do with doing a “fresh start”. Which would instantly kill Classic TBC. No one is going to want to give up their Scarab Lord. - I can’t say for sure, but I think at the end of TBC (like 2.3.5) they made it so all new realms would start with the gates open. Then at the start of Cata just straight up removed the quest chain.

This would mean Classic Vanilla would be the first and possibly last “Classic” to have Scarab Lords.

As for new characters. OP, it literally takes a month at most to get yourself to 58. You’ll be fine.

Who is Oscar? Do I need to know him? Is he popular? If he’s popular why don’t I already know about him and if he’s not popular why would I need to?

I belive they were talking about starting form level one not from 58.

Putting aside any potential XP buffs Blizzard could give - leveling in TBC or prepatch, when there’s a huge influx of new and returning players who aren’t just boosting past everything, is bound to be more fun than attempting traditional leveling now.

So was I.

I don’t think they should sell boosts, but I’d be totally fine with a single free 58.

I just want to play with my friends and there’s very little chance I can convince them to spend months leveling.

Best way devs can go about this is to release FRESH realms, because everyone wants to start FRESH with a new class choice thats better in TBC

Yeah but there’s nothing stopping them leveling a druid now unlike belfs/space goats.