When TBC classic comes out they should release level boosts to 58!

That way the game doesn’t die. No one wants to level to 58 to play with their friends.

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I don’t think there were boosts in the original TBC launch so there probably won’t be any here.

I think a good compromise would be to offer bonus XP during prepatch so all the new belf paladins and draenei shamans can catch up.

Worst case scenario - I think there are discords where you can pay for Classic boosts with Retail gold.

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Would rather cheapen the race to 70 for the new populations of blood elves and space goats.

There were no boosts however a fresh level 58 toon was an option provided in the survey they sent out. Honestly, I don’t even think blizzard knows what they want to do.


Absolutely not. If they release the game in the 2.4.3 state then leveling will be much easier with the 30% exp nerf and 2.4.3 talents.


Wow classic is going to die

Wow TBC is going to die

Wow retail is going to die

According to these forums everything is either “dead” or “dying” and then people wonder why Blizzard never takes anything said here seriously.


this would have to be limited for people to even give it an option. if you think about what kind of gear a level 58 needs to get into Hellfire with even with a few peices of gold, people would quickly make and delete them as much as possible in order to just take there goods. Its a simple way to make gold.

On top of that it doesnt really do anything for the world overall. you do exactly what people sayt just removing the entire world of Classic. If you want to solve any leveling issues they should be done so in a manner that makes the most sense while also giving the players some freedom.

Personally i advocate for opening up transfer and Fresh servers a month before the launch. People can Transfer to the TBC target server and do the pre patch. Fresh server players get there month to level and do any content they can get through before the gate opens to Outlnad.

The burning crusade classic should cost $49. Classic remake is cool because cataclysm remade the old zones. Burning crusade is still there in its intended form besides a couple events. Dev time and recourses should not be taken from live for this.

Take my money blizzard ill boost multiple and pay each time.

Classic servers have their own team.

I guess I am no one as I would love to play though the new start zones that come out in TBC. I hate being someone, too much pressure.

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great not ones forcing you to boost. honestly i care less about level 58 boosts i just want level 70 boosts few months after launch i can wait a few months to play i don’t want to level been there done that I just want to spam arenas for a year waiting for wotlk .

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Classic is going to be hit hard by the introduction of TBC, can we agree on that?

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That “no one” is a lot like the “no one” who wanted Classic to begin with so…

No, they should not.

Emily? Is that you?

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The game won’t die lol. People can level in classic when they announce tbc.

Belfs and draenei were not playable during the pre patch. They won’t be this time either. We already have mega servers. Why would they make the over crowding in hellfire worse by allowing draenei and belfs to go through as well. To be clear, I’d definitely love to be able to level them up too. I’m with you… it just makes 0 sense from blizzards standpoint.

Yeah except I don’t want to lose all my characters progress. Neither do the myriad of collectors. We didn’t lose progress in tbc and we shouldn’t now.

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You won’t be losing your characters progress. They will literally still be there on the Classic Vanilla servers.

Which I’ll never play again. If I have to start at ground zero in tbc ill unsub.

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