When is the mount stance bug getting fixed?

It was funny at first, now it’s annoying.

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Yeah, it does look a little awkward.


I feel like it has been forever since i have seen any of my mount collection, it’s just this ugly dragon riding mount now :disappointed_relieved:

What does the bug actually do?

Certain races have been changed to a seated position on mounts that were previously standing up. Only affects some races though.

Ohhh, ok, ty.

Also apparently doesn’t happen unless you’ve already used another mount in your current session. There’s a bug report about the Cartel Master’s Gearglider over here which has some notes.

Even that mount is infected :c

It’s bad. Esp if it’s effecting probs on eof the hardest mounts to get.

void elves and litebrites are asking for it. i say we keep this bug in for them and fix everyone else.

they should fix the slime cat mount while they’re at it. for some reason it uses the drake extra wide stance instead of normal ground mount posture so your character is practically doing the splits on it : /

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My spectral tiger is doing this too, at least on my female human characters. It looks pretty funny. This was in the hotfix notes:

Dunno if it went live or not… but it definitely doesn’t feel fixed.

Its funny. I can usually tolerate most bugs but this one bugged me to no end.
(Pun and all).
But it actually kind of did.

Lmao. Did they seriously never fix that? SMH my head :rofl:

This was not fixed in the update today.