When is the deadline to transfer SoM characters?

I heard that this season ends February 14th, and SoM characters can be transferred to classic realms only for a limited time, do we know when this window is? I haven’t played in a while but I’d like to keep those characters on classic realms when the season shuts down instead of them being deleted.

This is all we have to go by at the moment.
Make your best guess.
Good luck.

They should open the AQ gate on Barman Shanker poor NPC have been waiting for months now :frowning:

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Personally, I’d have them moved by the end of the day, today.

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Blizzard has tried to create some urgency behind it. So definitely do it now.

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Anyone who is still leveling today and get fragged by the shut down after all this notice before transferring, I don’t want to see you creating spam threads about it.

Just do it now lul. Stop waiting to the last minute. You can’t even log into those servers after today.

Stop procrastinating.

They’ve never given a date when you can no longer do the transfer but you shouldn’t wait.

everyone send mail to the bots in DM that would be so funny if they can’t move em