When is pre patch lol?

dont think it will be today so when? 1 week or 2 weeks from arena season aannouncement? august 30th??

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If no announcement today, it wont be the 23rd.


It’s the 30th it was leaked on reddit

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if thats true why wasnt there more posts here? are ppl having threads deleted??

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the guy who leaked everything that’s been announced for Dragonflight said it will be the 30th, so we should find out today or tomorrow if blizzard puts out the 2 week notice for end of PvP season


Maybe the 23rd. FFXIV is dropping 6.2 on the 24th so it wouldn’t surprise me.

let’s make more posts about non issues and conspiracy theories, because prepatch is the most important IRL matter on a Tuesday morning

it its. lol

It just got leaked to be on the 30th. You’ll have the entire month September to play while your kids are back in school.

Don’t forget to pick them up or take them to soccer practice while you level your freshies up.

You can chill the eff out now

Their communication is super lame the last 2-3 years. Count on the end of season, and pre-patch announcement to come one week before their releases.

It will be and has always been right about 1 month out from WOTLK Launch like they said in their original plans post, which puts it at Aug 28th-30ish.

Wait this is the IRL forums? Shoot! I’m in the wrong spot… Why didnt yall tell me this was a wendys?

Why are you even here, what is your problem? Are people supposed to be posting IRL matters here instead of game issues? Is that what they should be doing on a Tuesday morning? Get bent insufferable gnit.


sometime in the future you’re welcome

The leak is from the same guy who leaked Shadowlands and Dragonflight accurately

September 25.

it’ll happen when it happens

ill bookmark this post to remind you how wrong you were

8/30 has been the logical guess the entire time… i have no idea why people just assumed it would have been weeks earlier.

4 weeks prepatch is PLENTY

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