When is Grob re-opening?

Ay oh I got a couple of friends with money burning holes in their pockets eager to play some World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King and yet they can’t get on the same server as their friends, Grobbulus, when’s that opening up?

Never, go away we’re closed.

edit: Also I realized you’re probably an OG grobb user considering your guild tag (ye old 4chan /v/ guild) and Grobb in classic isnt like TBC-WOTLK Grobb.

The soul of grobb died in TBC. Don’t come here if you’re wanting a unique experience. mass-transfers from non dead servers killed it.


Sir we are at capacity

Based on the following announcement, your friends might be able to bypass locks by rolling on a SoM server (PVP of course) and take the free transfer coming in the next few weeks. SoM servers are still running a big xp buff so they could be 60 by the time the transfer is available.

Just move off grob to play with them.

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