When is blizzard going to get rid of

Get rid of raid IO already. Pugging is such a pain on alts because people expect you to have 102749127412 raid io as an alt.

Just to clarify my main is a 480 with 2.5k io ~
I have the mindborer mount that you can only get by doing 15’s for this season 4 achievement.

but my main isn’t the issue I can easily get into groups with my main between 16-21. The issue is my alt, my first ever alt this whole expansion.

and yes my main is connected on raid io to my alt.


Don’t pug?


If someone had that IO, I would immediately delist my group because I’d worry about being hacked.


They’ll probably make their own version.


Why not just add this to your other thread lol. If raiderio doesn’t exist then some other very similar system would need to. Sorry you didn’t get accepted into a couple groups on your alt but go work on it instead of rage posting multiple threads on the forums.


Once RaiderIO is removed, the community will make another one.

It’s been a thing forever. It started with inspections on top of the Org bank, then moved to gearscore, then item level/AOTC, then RaiderIO.

TBH,. this is probably the best version of these systems, because they capture experience.


Just have Raider IO show what your main’s IO score is. Surely any group that can complete the key would be smart enough to see that main IO and know that you are familiar with the instances.


Like others have said people will just ask for something else, If it’s not IO it’ll be achievements like Keystone Master/AOTC

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getting “rid” would be adopting it, homie

you want rated m+?

if it doesnt drop better gear then yes. better than the current raid io

it probably would, that’s how arena rated works

higher you climb the better the chest/drops will be

tbh, i dont mind that at all.

You do know that Raider .io doesn’t actually do anything right?

All there information comes from Blizzards database. All they do is appoint a value for a perfect timed clear, then either increase or decrease that value based on the time over or under.

YOU are the one responsible for what that number looks like. Raider .io doesnt secertly log into your account and go lets ruin this guys chances of getting into a run.

You are burnt because you either didnt link your alt to your main so any person can see your mains Io score (which isnt always a slam dunk in terms of getting into a group) or you are lazy and think your “skill” should be apparent to all even thou you havent done the keys to prove that.

You also do know that any potential blizzard system, btw i wouldnt expect one any time soon, would do the exact same thing!

Truth be told I secretly hope that if blizzard introduces a system it goes a step further and starts measuring damage taken from avoidable damage, measuring dps/hps compared to a expected value and tracking interrupts… Im sure the casual community would really like that!


yes clearly, im responsible to increase my raid io when they’re looking for a higher io but you need to do m+ to get high io but you cant because no ones inviting you because you have a low io.

Do you get it or should i pretend io secertly log in my account?

Link your toons io and the key you were after.

Posting on a lvl58 toon who has blocked access to his profile says alot


You know what’s funny though. It’s so happen that I am such a good guy that, I don’t go on my main that has a decent io and 480 ilvl (2.5k io) and join these low m+ 10-15 and decline it once they invite or not just not accept or decline.

Good thing IM not that guy. Cuz that’s pretty crummy thing to do. I hope you guys wont do that as well!

Sounds like a personal issue you need to deal with if you don’t believe that. /shrug

Or you know you can look at my profile on this account and look at achievements and you can see i got the season 4 15+ achievement. Or ya know that.

No the issue is you come crying to the forums that you cant get into a m+ then haphazardly blame raider .io for all the evils in the world.

When questioned to link the toon we get empty platitudes and no evidence.

We cant look at your achievement even on that toon…

That’s a damn lie that you can’t see my achievements on this toon. I just checked.

Sounds like, again, like a personal issue you need to handle because if you don’t know, then that’s on you.

I don’t think they do anything about it. People complained about it since it came out nothing been done about it.

These things have and will likely always exist.

It’s just a pretentious tool for professional pugers. My only advice is to join a guild and/or make your own groups.