When has Feign Death actually fooled players?

Have any of you ever used feign death to fool players?

I’ve been leveling a hunter through BGs and honestly it works more often than I thought it would. If you do it at low health, most people just think you died.

I’ve seen a few enemy hunters do it, and all the melee walk away, then I target them and my kill shot lights up and I finish them off lol.

It’s hilarious that it fools people sometimes.


It won’t trick those who mained Hunter in the past or alted one long enough lol.



That’s why I always target them on the ground just to be sure they’re really dead lol

Last Sunday in 3v3 played against a demo lock/mage I had 12% hp feigned death behind a pillar last ditch effort I literally had no defensives left and my priest was telling me it was over I lived thanks to that feign death and we won lol

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I never actually thought it fooled players.

I always have seen it as a way to mess up their targeting for a sec and if they aren’t swift, it can buy a few extra seconds to make a move.

Also cancel their spell in progress.

You’d be surprised how many people can’t quickly retarget once I make them lose me with the feign death.

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I think if your enemies are using addons it probably won’t fool them. But players do fall for it sometimes that’s for sure.

Works in casuals sometimes although I usually can’t resist risking my life to pop back up in nyaa nyaa fashion.


If you really want to make them panic feign then stealth.

Nothing scarier than “Woo he’s dead” and then they vanish and you realise a) Theyre not dead and b) You have no idea where they went.


Does castsequence work for that?

Sometimes when you feign death at low hp and the teamfight has ended, the enemy survivor(s) come near your “corpse” and take a couple seconds.

At this point you know they are gonna retarget you and try hitting. You have 3 options:

  1. Immedately get up and start hitting
  2. Camoflague and try to get away
  3. Start doing some emotes like /wave /smell etc.
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I used to fool people with it all the time back in the day. Haven’t mained this character in years though, so I’m glad to see it still works. :rofl:

Back in BC I used it on a Zeppelin outside of Orgrimmar. There was a whole bunch of lower level characters, and several of them jumped off in a panic. I was still flagged from a BG. One poor Pally started trying to rez me, and was flabbergasted when I popped back up.

no, that can still happen, lol

Oh mate you have no idea lol. Granted, there are some that can see through it. However, I was able to fool a whole group of Horde players in War Mode a while back, and I do get away with it quite often in instanced PvP too.

Only a couple of times has it actually worked in arena, but other than that, FD into Camo immediately.