When Forums Are More Entertaining Than the Game

Just saying…I opened the client three hours ago, and I came to the forums, instead of actually logging into the game. The game is that exciting, right now.


Hopefully the game improves for you. I think right now the game is okay. There’s certainly some stuff I’d like them to work on but it’s fun to hop on at least. How would you change the game to where it’s fun for you?


You get more social interaction from the forums. All I get from the game is disappointment


I think a lot of people would prefer far more open-world content than being herded into instanced content that makes the world even deader.

World of Lobbycraft isn’t very fun.


On Tuesdays, I call it the Oribos Closet of Eternal Disappointment.

Last season, I could not get Sylvanas’s shoulders at all. I went all season and finally got them from my raid lead that had them drop three times. This season, it’s the Vigilant Guardian shield. Resto shaman in my key group has gotten the mythic version in his vault twice in a row. Meanwhile, I can’t get it on any difficulty.

This is not to say the deplorable extreme-RNG-based loot system is why I’m not enjoying myself in game, but it is a straw on the camel’s back, so to speak.


I remember when my brother was enthusiastically telling me about what they were planning for Shadowlands, and he made it sound like you worked for options to be added to a vault selection. Or, at least, I took it to mean that we were adding definite selections to our vaults, as if we were unlocking them. I thought it would be great to be clearly working towards something that I would use.

Clearly, I was mistaken. What Blizzard meant was you can do exponentially more work and receive additional lottery tickets.

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Hopefully the game will get better for you my friend. :smiley:

In the mean time, enjoy the forums. There are lots of interesting people here. Some happy like Tigger and others like Eeyore.

Just be cordial like Poo Bear and spread some joy on the forums to make the experience better for all. :sunflower:

Welcome to the forums!

I must respond with an obligatory…

…no u.


No they ain’t lmao

Eh, I wouldn’t sub for these forums alone. Take a break and come back for DF.

You mean like now as we slowly die of boredom waiting for the next expansion?

Well the PvP on the forums is better, but most of the time its still a raid group of 40 to 1 unless you are part of the herd.

What can I say? Some of us apparently like the abuse :slight_smile:

It happens, sometimes the forums offer some form of enjoyment that the game simply doesn’t depending on your current mood. I find myself having some fun conversing with people here from time to time.

Maybe ya need a break from the game, or maybe your just having a dull day, it is hard for me to say.

Regardless though I hope ya manage to find some joy in whatever it is ya do, and should it be a dull day for ya, I hope the rest of your day gets better for ya.

As long as no honey pots go missing :smirk_cat:

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The reason people aren’t having fun is because Blizzard isn’t catering the game to me.

If they did everyone would be happy.

I’m just saying, it would be a lot more fun here if we could cuss eachother out.