When do SOM servers shut down?

i transfered both horde and alliance to both whitemane and mankrik just a couple hours ago

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testing my new character forum

Can we get a date please

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Last I heard, SOM is supposed to shutdown by the end of this year. Once the date is set, we are supposed to have a period of time where we can freely transfer our SOM toons to the Classic Era or Lich King Classic server of our choice.

u can already transfer to era or wotlk they want a date for when u can no longer play som


Seriously. I wish people would stop trying to get era stuff added and going. If people want a classic+ it should all be on a fresh server or just som2


Me toooo

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hopefully they say when that way the bots in DM get time to move the gold they have to wrath

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I was told towards the end of November it would and that we would be able to move our toons to Classic live for a limited time and then SOM will shut down forever and that they may make a second and final SOM that will run again but with slightly different playstyle than the first one. That is from the conversation I had with a GM about a year ago involving this stuff.

Trasnfers opened up to Locked realms? LF transfer to Atiesh.

Would be nice to know an exact date since I’d like to keep leveling before transferring off.


I don’t get why the closure date for SoM wasn’t included in any of the announcements about the transfers, or why no one from Blizzard has bothered to give a date on any of these forum posts.

This shouldn’t be some big secret; they should just tell us what the date for server closure is.

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I get the feeling that very few devs think about Classic Era anything.

Most are probably focused on Classic Cata now. :frowning:

I want to believe that not even they are stupid/insane enough to really release ‘Classic Cata’ :expressionless:


Not gonna lie, I would play a season of mastery Wotlk server once classic wrath is finished.

season of mastery is vanilla only, sweetie

Has there still been no word on this? I really hope the servers don’t abruptly close one day with no forewarning.

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Ditto. That’s what landed me here to this thread. I’d like to assume we will be given a week or two notice for official closure. I was able to complete soul of iron but the husband is still plugging away at his.

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RIP… and people were speculating SOM2 in a couple days lol