When Do New Badge Vendors Appear

Will Anwehu and Ontuvo be unlockable this Thursday? If not, when?

Phase 4 for the additional items added to current vendor.

The new vendors phase 5 and not instantly on phase 5 once those buildings are earned by the server in phase 5 this means for a high pop server about a week for a dead server about a month for first prob 2 for both.

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That makes me sad. Here I have been sitting on all these badges, 859 as of today, thinking I was going to be able to get new gear soon after my birthday, this Thursday. I don’t raid so I only have the few epics that are available from the current badge vendor. I appreciate your response though.

You get some new totems and maybe librams when BT releases, more items release with ZA, and more items release for sunwell

New totems confirmed for BT release? If so thats fantastic. Thought I had to wait till Zul’Aman

They were on the PTR along with the nethers for badges

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I don’t think the new totems/librams and nethers are coming until P4 Zal. There were other items available on the PTR that were not intended to be included in P3, like the pvp haste items.

The pvp haste items were removed, but you can enter the PTR and the badge nethers still remain

The totems were 100% added with the ZA patch. It would be strange if they’re available this week.


Totem of Living Water was added patch 2.3

Patch 2.3 is the ZA patch…?

my mistake, then I don’t know why they’re splitting it but those items are still up on the PTR but the haste pvp items aren’t.

What patch something came out in means exactly nothing. Tbc has shown repeatedly that it’s not patch that matters but design intent that matters for the pacing. Eg t5 was designed to come after t4 and as such did so rather than come at the start even no was there right off.

The totems and librums where there as catch up gear for those that dint raid ssc/tk. So makes some sense to be there.

That being said the rest of the za patch badge gear has haste and armor Penn on most items, stats not meant to be there till bt showing those slots not being catch up gear but bad luck protection and as such not there yet. Same logic for the pvp items the stats are not yet made to be there.

Personally thou it makes more sense for the pvp gear to be there from the start of the season thou.

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