When do Arena Points turn to Honor?

I have enough AP to buy my S4 gloves, but I was planning to wait until after Tuesday to buy my legs. With the season ending, though, if they turn to honor on Tuesday then I should buy my gloves this week and get legs with honor.

Anyone have any exact knowledge on this?

So with prepatch. You’re better off spending now, as honour will be simple to get.


the 29th of this month the arena season ends, and the 30ths prepatch starts and arena points get converted.

Now this is just purely speculation, but they may do discount prices on arena gear the moment arena season ends, giving you like a 12 hour window to buy stuff, they may not.

Thanks, so 1 more week.

Season 4 will cost honor points only.

And to top it, in wrath the gear costs less honor. So I would save the honor for 30 August and buy S4 gear to equip the character for northend

I’m already plenty geared. Just started doing pvp a month or so ago. I have plenty of honor and when the change happens I can get the last couple pieces I need. This was just to determine if it would be better to buy gloves before T or wait until after T so I could get my legs, as I was planning. Didn’t want AP to turn to honor and ultimately lose points due to honor cap

Yes, honor might cap at 4k. At least it used to

? Isn’t honor cap 75k?

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I don’t know. Back in wrath I am pretty sure it was 4K, and rhe cost of itens was lower. Instead of almost 3k honor for neck in tbc in wrath the neck is 1250 honor

That doesn’t sound right. Not what I remember of wrath.

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Buy now. Use it or lose it.

Wrath is pretty much like recent retail in that matter. In wrath gear is easy to pick

That’s all cata, my friend

Wrath honor cap is 75k. But level 80 items cost a lot more honor than tbc items do. This was done to prevent people from being able to save honor for a full set of 80 gear.

You also get honor much faster.


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