When can we expect the shadow priest nerf?

I think (hope) it is obvious that shadow is going to get nerfed because it’s completely ridiculous right now, but does anyone know when blizz is going to release another class update during pre-patch, or if all minor changes will happen at the start of SL? Thanks!

prob. around the time we see the feral buff


They have recently improved Feral for Beserk Windows and made adjustments to Arcane/Shadow Azerite.

Shadow in my opinion is fine otherwise. It scales very well with crit/haste but won’t have the same room for improvement as other classes do, down the line of the SL expansion because of stat DR.

Spriest is only this good because of bfa borrowed power. In sl beta it’s just ok. They did receive a nerf already though. Stop being salty about another class spec that has been garbo for a hot min. Let them have their moment


are you really complaining about prepatch class balancing when the entirety of 8.3 was a thing?

at best Shadow will get nerfed during the pre-mythic Castle Nathria launch. and even then i doubt it will be nerfed.

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Didnt they just got nerfed like 2 days ago?

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A couple just came off the vine, but I’d wager probably a month or so into SL or once enough max-level testing is done to see how much is needed outside the vapid individuals (not saying you are one of them OP) screaming for nerfs because they were beaten in PVP at the end of an expansion where ‘everything’ is broken.

Logicwise it’d be like me asking for a 120 Druid to be nerfed because I lost to them at level 50.

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Yeah, it’s been a slow ramp style spec with not enough coming off the ramp and it just wasn’t worth the return. Many spriest players(not me I don’t play it) have been loyal and stuck with it in the hopes of it improving and from loving the class fantasy.

They had one buff in bfa and were quickly nerfed again.

Then we have smooth brains complaining about a spec using borrowed power for a prepatch. It’s childish.

Shadow deserves to have the moment in the sun. Or void I guess in their case :joy:

Good info thank you!

Yes, spriest is OP right now so I was just curious. If the other commentors comment is true then that’s great. I’m glad priest is strong again but I think it’s too strong rn. Definitely happy 8.3 is done, that patch is one of the worst in wow’s history lol. I don’t want shadow to be useless for an entire expac again, I just want it to be tweaked so I don’t just get dotted and 100-0’d in 10 seconds in BG’s, not trying to start a big WoW thread controversy…

You won’t have to worry about that. A lot of classes are broken right now because of the azurite.

I think they already got a nerf in the Beta.

(He means never OP)

Sorry shadow priests !!!

Make room for more mage favoritism :pleading_face:

they got nerfed check wowhead