When are we going to do away with plate bikinis?


It’s weird that wow still needs these kinds of tactics to appeal to ‘that’ demographic. It just looks bad at this point and I imagine it’s almost insulting to female players. The void elf chick on the forums’ homepage, for example, has awesome armor up to her waist… where she decided to wear a bra and almost nothing else? The full set would look bad af, but instead we’re left with a strip of metal instead of a cuirass. Hmm.

This game seems way past the point of those marketing schemes. Is it too much to ask for something more realistic?


Never, I hope. I am female and I absolutely love the plate bikinis. Stop shaming the female form and demand they cover up for “progress”. This isn’t insulting to female players at all because we AREN’T ASHAMED OF THE FEMALE BODY like some people seem to be. Grow up.



There’s nothing wrong with the female form, but it seems like you’re asking to be stabbed in the gut by wearing nothing to protect yourself. What warrior does that? Am I supposed to take you seriously in that outfit?


You’re concerned about armor realism in a game where everyone’s shoulders are big enough to use as sleds? In a game with trolls and evil shadow beings and sentient wind chimes and elves and magic and titans and gods made of eyeballs?

Are you trying to be taken seriously with an opinion that someone’s midriff is showing is somehow “unrealistic” or “unplausible” or “unserious”?


A game where we dig through various animal’s and demon’s poop for keys and objects every expansion…

But a lady showing a little skin in armor is what breaks your immersion in this super serious game…

Alrighty. Lmfao


it’s a videogame where talking cows shoot fireballs underwater at dragons

the more hyper-realistic fantasies the better I say

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Never! I want more platekinis and we NEED mankinis! I want my whole raid to be half naked muscly gods! But that’s just me, maybe I’ve been watching too much Baki.


I agree, I want equality for all in terms of skimpy limited clothing options


Complaining about armor showing skin? Dude it’s a freaking video game. It’s bigger problems with this game like class design. Get over the fact people like dressing and killing things while almost naked. Enjoy the view or keep QQing


Plate bikinis exist to attract a certain demographic, and wow has no need to market like that anymore. It’s stupid that as a Void Elf male my character looks like a bad mfer, but if he were female he’s suddenly in a naughty halloween costume??

It’s a double standard that needs to go…

Sorry champ but this is the items in development sub forum, seems like you’re in the wrong place.


Clearly says “Items and classes” but okay champ. Just know blizzard will never do away with being able to be almost fully naked. Especially since next patch they’re increasing the amount of stuff we can decide not to show. Your battle is lost

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We’re in a game with magic, most of these items are enchanted anyway at some basic level which is very clear if you craft at all. Realistically the request should be that Male models can have similar exposure, not to remove what isn’t an issue.

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Ever watch Conan the Barbarian? How about Chanbara movies? You’re kind of hiding behind a body-negative posture here, man. If armor were a real concern, then anyone not in plate mail would be in serious trouble.

If anything, there should be slutmogs for everyone. Like if there’s a suit of armor that covers up a dude but turns out to be a plate-kini, then we need the reverse as well: a suit of armor that completely covers up women but shows up as incredibly revealing for men.

I don’t even lean that way, but it’s fairly obvious that Blizzard has been more than happy to cater to the needs and desires of straight men while completely ignoring the (ahem) wants and needs of those who need and desire men. (Aside from the best buttocks in Orgrimmar, of course.)

For example, how many years has it been since Blizzard’s promised warlock players an incubus skin for their succubi? We now have like six skin options for succubi but not a single winged dude in hot pants and a whip who occasionally check their nails and spank themselves.

The problem isn’t that plate bikinis exist, the problem is only female characters get to have the fun.

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What do you mean by “wow still needs” as far as ive seen there havent been any plate bikinis since bc, or even vanilla. You make it seem as if half the pant models in game are lingerie.

If you are asking for blizz to remove these items from the game, i wholeheartedly disagree. There are few reasons to justifiably remove even an appearance (challenges, special events, being exceptions).

Being that this is a very high fantasy RPG, i dont care what people want their character to look like. I use some of these appearances myself, i like the nightborn, zandalari, and lightforged tatoos and would prefer them to be seen. Im happy 8.2 will bring hide chest. It would be real fun to have a summer trial of style reward some swimsuit inspired stuff honestly. Within reason of course ive seen what some of those mods a bunch of people got banned for did, a line does need to be drawn.

I agree that the issue is the items appearance changing based on the gender of the character.

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Man, you’re going to love 8.2 when we can hide everything but pants, for some reason! :laughing:

On topic though, what kind of heroic fantasy fan hates on platekinis? Heroic fantasy was invented to justify platekinis! platekinis are justice!:triumph:


You dont get to decide what “Needs to go.”


you want some real medieval combat realism, here you go

  • your opponent gives you an extremely minor cut/injury on some region of your body
  • you get a serious untreatable infection because this is ancient fantasy primitive land where medicine and antibiotics do not exist
  • you die, no resurrection because we’re in ancient fantasy primitive land

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I want more ability to sexualize my male toon over limiting sexualization to female ones.


OP is one of those guys that gets offended for other people because of his own insecurities.

Males and females are oversexualized. Look at my character, dude is ripped out of his mind and looks like a badass.


This explains how it works:



Ever notice how 9 times out of 10 when someone is complaining about female clothing being too skimpy, it’s some hideous, tanker truck of a woman who is basically just throwing a jealous hissy fit because nobody looks at her.

Newsflash Broomhilda, covering up everyone else isn’t gonna make the rest of us want you.

Hit the gym instead of the keyboard if you want some attention.