When and what time does classic release?

So im east cost and i was told classic comes out tomorrow the 26th and 6pm but i thought it was the 27th?

this has a map the map shows you what time in your zone.

The real classic was the friends we made along the way.

27th date is for rest of world. US/Oceanic is 3pm Pacific on the 26th. 10:00am Pacific on the 26th for new realms and open character creation.

So ill be able too play world of warcraft classic tomorrow the 26th at 3pm

23 hrs and 42 mins to go from now.

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If you’re on the east coast it should launch at 1pm eastern time.

I’m probably going to play on Westfall. It’s not up for name reservation but will be there at launch so I should have an easier time picking a name. It might (maybe) be easier to get onto than the reserved servers.

Yes :slight_smile:

Well, that is if you don’t end up in a long queue. But it does launch tomorrow at 6pm EST.

I could have sworn it was 1pm.

Says Westfall will be opening at 1.

Maybe it’s going up 5 hours before launch?

No, I think you misread something somewhere.

They are opening 4 new realms tomorrow at 1pm EST. At that time you can also start creating all 50 characters if you like. Just remember only ten per realm and if it’s a PvP server, it can only be the same faction.

But the game doesn’t actually launch until 6pm EST.


That’s right. They are opening the realms and other name reservations early.

Edit: You can create characters, but not play them of course until launch.

Ok so i can start playing and waiting for que in wow tomorrow at 6pm

It does release on the 27th, in China. 8AM there to be specific.

It’s a worldwide release, so that means 6PM EDT on the 26th.

Yes, it launches at 6 your time. I am on the east coast also.

I just mentioned the queue because I would expect one with most realms being at full at this point. But, you might have better luck avoiding them and at least having a much smaller queue if you choose one of the new realms they are opening at 1 tomorrow.

For character creation, will be a reset before 6PM to disconnect everyone and then official launch.

Any alliance on herod ready for that que look out for my dwarf pally named elf lol

Correct :slight_smile:

I said at the end of my post that the game didn’t actually launch until 6. I’m not sure they are restarting before launch though. I seem to remember them saying that the play button would light up when it launches and you would be able to log in. I can’t remember where I saw it. But you could be right about that.

Lol, good name for a dwarf :stuck_out_tongue: