When Adulting gets in the way

So I’m a little late to the party because I haven’t played in a few years. The other day my husband tells me Classic is coming out and my immediate response was “40 mans? Mages get to be squishy pew pew masters again? Count me IN!” and the next morning had me trying to remember my password… we’ve played off and on over the years but the game for me is kind of boring with a total lack of community now. Classic was a lot more about making connections. I have even kept in touch with a few people all these years later, though most no longer play.

The sobering part… I am no longer a 23 yo racing home after work to log in and get ready to raid. I’m a SAHM to a 13 mo and get six hours of broken sleep a night if I’m lucky. We’re busy with keeping up a house, managing the dogs, and raising the munchkin. My husband didn’t play Classic, but started with BC so he “thinks” he gets how Classic is but really doesn’t. We’re going to end up casual players when I really loved the coordination and skill it took to raid well. Younger me is certainly pouting. I need a guild called “Adulting” or something full of people like me. Old hard-core raiders that just aren’t going to have the time to devote like they did fifteen years ago. Who’s in? :wink:

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But I dont want to Adult.

In all seriousness, I completely hear you. I was once hard core. I took a break. Came back for the last few retail Xpacs but its just not the same. I am looking forward to seeing the vanilla world again, although I know it wont be the same. Too much time has passed, too much knowledge has been discovered. Still, if you can find a good community to hang with…

I found my way to Grievance Gaming a bit back. Its a big multigame organization but has a more family feel to it. A lot of members are in the same sorts of position as you and your husband. Here is the recruiting post.

Feel free to check it out and I wish you the best of luck finding a home.

And trying to uh… “Adult” as it were.

Thanks. This is “mostly” me trying to articulate how I feel about Classic being released! I read the post though, it looks like they are playing Alliance on a server already full (they are seriously going to need to make more servers!) but at least it’s EST. I’ll take a deeper look.