Whelp there is going to be a purge

The real purge will be the PVE realms. I will be surprised if even one is left standing.

There are several not on the list so there will be several left standing. Pagle even has multiple layers at times.

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People are only on Pagle because they can’t transfer to a PVP realm. When that is lifted people will flee

No they won’t. Believe it or not a good chunk of people have no use for PvP servers, it’s simply not something they give one thought about.


Grobbulus is the only PVP realm left. The rest are just PVE realms that 1/3 of the community can not transfer to currently.


Not my concern, Pagle isn’t going anywhere and has a healthy population.

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It’s only a matter of time til Pagle starts collapsing, out of 160 logged guilds, only 22 are 6/6.

It’ll only get harder and harder to recruit and now with PvE servers being able to Xfer to PvP servers, people will flop to Benediction, the roster boss hits way harder in Sunwell.

I love Pagle, Beny daddy will be waiting for you guys with open arms, everyone is welcome!

Unfortunately they will surely lock the mega servers even though that’s where everyone wants to be… Instead of beefing them up they will just not allow anyone to transfer them now that they removed the pointless restriction that should of been removed the moment they added a boost to the game.

I won’t be going there and no one in my guild will be either. I wouldn’t touch a PvP server with a 10 foot pole. Been down that road the first time, not having my time wasted with that again.


Resisting won’t change the future of Pagle, sweetie. That’s how I felt on my old server aswell, but then the guilds started talking with each other, and when you expected the least, everyone was gone.

Just accept ur fate, Beny is a safespace and theres no WPvP in it since all the Horde is gone.

Nope I’ll quit before I go back to a PvP server, plain and simple.

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We will see what happens to Pagle. It was the PvE mega-realm choice since PvE realms couldn’t transfer to Benediction which is also a PvE realm.

What’s wrong with PvP servers? It’s pretty much a term given to a server, doesn’t really mean anything. I first rolled on a PvP server but we all know it’s full of PvErs because PvP servers tend to last the longest and have bigger pop for guilds to choose from when recruiting.

They probably didn’t have to worry about roster boss until SWP, it’s going to start hitting hard with how few guilds are 6/6 on that server. My server had the same pop as Pagle, but when the rumors start flying, you can’t stop the mob.

It’s inevitable.

Was on one all the way through Wrath the first go around, like I said I’ll quit before I ever touch a PvP server again. Simply will not do it.


Would it help if Blizzard classified Benediction as the PvE realm it is?

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Long as its under the PvE rule set sure.

There goes the people trying to snatch easy server firsts

Do any of these servers have any sort of playerbase?

Bots that farm endless amount of terocone to make profit and sell the gold to make a living? Yes that