Whelp no more reworks apparently

Edit: just a added foreword when I made this post I was not in the best head space and it may of been an over reaction currently thinking things through, I’m not going to delete this post however as the information around the interview may still be of interest to some <3

Apparently in an interview Blizzard has stated that there will be no more reworks or anything in the foreseeable future so I’m done and swapping to Resto Shaman. :dracthyr_comfy_sip:

Like I just don’t want to go through another expansion with an absolutely awful class tree and the playstyle I enjoy being great in M+ but completely trash in Raid like it just feels awful.

Edit ok link to the interview but quote of what was said.

Any big playstyle shifts coming in WW?

Right now goal is shipping the best hero talents we can ship, no plans on big baseline class changes. The work of class gameplay/balance is never done, and there will be a few talent changes here/there rather than making big changes.



Did they specify no more reworks for the remainder of the expansion or going forward into new expansions for a while? It’s hard to believe they’d leave the monk class tree in its current state for more than just DF.

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From my understanding forward into new expansions for awhile gonna try and track it down and link it just might take a bit a lot of interviews so.

That’ll be really disappointing if that’s the case.

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Added in an edit with the quote and link but yeah no plans in the next expansion for big changes only a few talent changes here and there which well definitely not enough to fix the Monk tree.

"Any big playstyle shifts coming in WW?

Right now goal is shipping the best hero talents we can ship, no plans on big baseline class changes. The work of class gameplay/balance is never done, and there will be a few talent changes here/there rather than making big changes."

So no big overhauls (which is sad) but there is still the possibility of things changing, especially as they are trying to work out the Hero Talents.

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Didn’t they randomly decide to change the way Paladins and Priests played at the start of or mid season without much warning though? Maybe they would do it again for other classes.

On the upside, there’s no danger of us becoming meta. This is what this community was most concerned about, right?

I still have hope they will continue to address some of the “less useful” or “filler” type talents. ( stuff that doesn’t really need “reworks” )

Getting RSK for free in S3 is going to give us an extra class tree talent point, so it kinda helps. They could also make some of the 2 pointers into 1 pointers to make them more interesting pickups, or easier to path through imo. ( or buff them )

Grace of the Crane
Elusive Mists
Tiger Tail Sweep
Eye of the Tiger ( needs a decent sized buff and/ possibly made into a 1 pointer )
Windwalking ( buff to 8-10% please, let us path to reso firsts from this node )

Do tanks even pick up Hasty Provocation? Just make it baseline again, move Tiger Tail Sweep to this location, connect Elusive Mists to Improved Roll?

Buff Chi Burst/Chi Wave please or add hero talents that work with Chi Burst?

Connect Windwalking to Reso Fists.

Hopefully the Hero Talents do something with the end caps but those also need some love.


Of course monks get forgotten.


What are you guys complaining for? Monk got like 30 lines of changes and dev comments for 10.2.

Warrior by comparison has like 4 lines of patch notes and they’re just bugfixes, but both dps specs are fundamentally flawed and undertuned going into the patch. BTW the “bugfixes” are straight up nerfs.

Monk class tree has a lot of cringe in it. Our capstones really shouldn’t be capstones, we lose utility for the ability to roll twice, soothing mist is in the class tree for some reason and even has a talent that modifies it and blocks talent pathing while being of questionable value for mw and of negative value for brew and ww.

WW tends to have long standing issues at any given moment of its existence and last I checked its in a questionable place in 10.2. Monk has a lot of work that can be done on it, also I recall warriors already getting talent pathing changes which is a big thing that we’re asking about. Also I’m pretty sure bugfixes that are also nerfs are a staple in the diet of a monk player.


Most comical post I’ve literally ever read. Clearly you aren’t familiar with resto shaman right now.

On top of that, mw got more changes than “reworked” disc. his is the most out of touch post I’ve ever read and I truly believe it’s satire

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What are you even talking about?

This is clearly a troll post. I cannot wrap my brain around it any other way.

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And this is a cope post

But I’m gonna roll with it for my own sanity

Lmfao you’re mad at the lack of changes for WW and resto shaman of all things is what you’re swapping to?

Good for you :3

Changes doesn’t equal in a healthy state where I can comfortably raid with my guild using the playstyle I enjoy.

Nope it’s 100% serious :dracthyr_comfy_sip:

No it is not but if it helps you sleep at night your welcome to believe it is.

“Lack of changes”? Hell no it’s a lot more then just lack of changes. Oh also I played Mistweaver not Windwalker.

Well was either Resto Shaman or a Priest spec and I HATE Priest like I would of gone Resto Druid but Vulpera can not currently be Druids so.

“…no plans on big baseline class changes.”

It doesn’t say they wont be changing things they just wont be doing major reworks. For the most part all three Monk specs work and how they work is fine. The problems are things like massive button bloat, talents that are really bad and/or terrible scaling.(depends on specs)

I am also sure they are aware of major issues like the statue capstones since most of us pointed out how bad their where before Dragonflight. That being said what do they do about it? They can’t just remove Serpent and Ox statues because those have been a thing for the class since MoP. Where do they put them? What do they replace those statues with?

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If you are worried about securing a spot in raid or M+ someplace competitive then Resto Shaman is the wrong choice. They are in worse shape than monks right now.

To me, “not doing reworks” means that they aren’t going to do something sweeping like they did with pally. I don’t read this as meaning we won’t get 1 or two point changes to stuff that doesn’t require completely changing the tree.

Even though there are problems with stuff like the capstones, I am not even sure we want to be reworked like pallies. Which, let’s face it - didn’t turn out super after all since they were OP for two weeks then have gotten nerfed every week after that until they were pretty much back where they were numbers wise but with more buttons.

Edited to add: My only other geared toon is a pally so I experienced the above first hand.