What's your realistic / unrealistic pvp change for mage in 9.2?

Give one realistic change you wanna see for mage in 9.2 PVP, give one unrealistic change.

Realistic (Arcane) - increase the % proc chance of clearcasting from 1% per 250 mana spent to 2% per 250 mana spent

Unrealistic (arcane) - Arcane mages have relearned the ability “displacement” :slight_smile:


Realistic: Mages are immune to more than 1 melee gap closer per 15 seconds.
Unrealistic: Mages are immune to more than 1 melee gap closer per 15 seconds.


Realistic: Make cauterize a talent

Unrealistic: Make a pvp talent to revert alter time back to how it was where you could extent cd windows and reapply procs buff on use :smiley:

Realistic: Make Ice Form and Combustion undispelable.

Unrealistic: Prune mobility all around from all classes/specs. Remove the Shimmer talent and make it baseline. Blink now does what it always did + what Shimmer does, but only 1 charge. Name is still Blink.


For Arcane Mages:

Realistic: Clearcasting charges are not lost until used up. Does not affect max charge allocation.

Unrealistic: Polymorph & Mage Barrier are on a celestial school. (Interrupting any arcane spell does not lock out polymorph, and interrupting polymorph does not lock out other arcane spells)

On a similar note; really wish Fire would lose access to Ring of Frost.


Did you play arcane to get glad, and if so which comp?

Yes. Ww/arc/rdruid

I’d love Evanesce back as well as Displacement. I’d also like to see Blink have two charges and be off the global. All suggestions are as an arcane player.

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Realistic: bringing back deep freeze as a pvp talent

Unrealistic: making mirror images a dps cool-down.


That, but for frost only!

Unrealistic : Giving arcane power, combustion, and icy vein a 10 second of uninterruptible cast.

Or tools that are exclusive to casters that would block interrupts the same way warriors are able to instantly spell reflect us.