What's the situation on instance limits?

Haven’t really followed it much since I didn’t really do instance farming until now. Are we still locked to 30 instances per day realm-wide, or has it changed?

Yes and I don’t think that’s going to change. This limits were put in place for bots. It does affect people, I’ve been affected by it, but the affected are a minority and I don’t have a serious issue with it. Other’s will disagree.

Pretty sure the limit is now per character.

I have never reached it though so I may be wrong.

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This means we can only run each instance 30 times or it means you can’t enter any instance more than 30 times?

What does “realm-wide” mean? Did you think there were separate limits for the 2 continents?

Blizzard changed the limit from per-account to per-character. Other than that, no changes.

What does “still” mean? Did you think this change was a short-term experiment? This isn’t a “constantly changing” game. If a restriction is added, it will probably last for years. It isn’t an “are we there yet”?

Jeez. Given that I can hit 5 instances in <15 minutes with the farming that I’m doing, 30 per day is just a little restrictive. Don’t see how it even affects bots at all, since they can just change character/realm every 6 hours automatically.

I hope so. I use a separate farming alt already, but it’d suck to be locked out on my main after farming on my alt.

afaik its 30 per character per day. I’m not sure whether doing multiple dungeons before a reset counts as multiple or one. I also don’t know whether auto-resets without “reset all instances” affects it. Also as far as I know there’s still the bug where a single reset counts as multiple, making you hit cap earlier.

Every unique instance you enter counts as an intance. So if you enter BRD, UBRS, Strat, Scholo, Dire Maul all within 1 hour of each other, you’ll be locked out and unable to enter other dungeons because you entered 5 instances within an hour.

I know that much, but I am not yet convinced it affects the 30 limit specifically in this way.

Nah, if it affects the hourly limit, it should affect the daily 30 limit. A unique instance is a unique instance, whether you’re entering 5 different dungeons or entering and resetting the same dungeon 5 times.

It wasn’t per character last time I was affected by it, my entire account was affected. I couldn’t access any dungeons on other characters, other than raids.

they revised it recently.

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Awesome! Thanks for that, must’ve missed that blue post.