What's the point of the Council?

My hope and my understanding is that this post :Links to Notable Discussions in this Forum - #3 will have headers for each of the broad topic (pvp, raid, RP, etc) and links to the threads on those topics to help keep things clear. I anticipate this happening once the council is more organized and fully formed.

I do agree it’s a little jumbled right now


This is how I see it:


Keeps everything under the 1 main CC webpage, but provides a better organization for Topics.

P.S.- Yes, that is a little person on a boat at the bottom :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s nothing more than a PR Stunt. Or it’s a data mine operation of a smaller forum to putas much of it as they can in 10.0 since they have no ideas in the dev team.

“Carefully hand selected players” elected members would not have worked. But the selection process they have seems to reinforce their bad systems.

What they should of done is do what they do in the Beta and PTR with some threads.

Make pre-made ones on topics like PvP Gearing or How to Make Open World More Enjoyable , etcetera . Then have the cc members discuss in those topics.

Now I will give one former member some credit , they posted a lot of threads on different topics and people were not happy about that and thought he should be more quiet and let others talk . To be honest I think more of them should of followed his example of making multiple threads and stepped up their game .

What are they waiting for ? Blizz to come in so they can go “Yes Blizz you are always right”

one thing is for certain, a better vetting process should have been in place. i thought that was what the MVP thing was for. don't just grab 5 randos off the street who happen to have high RIO.

There are many on this forum who have had a long time presence and our topics/posts speak for themselves.

this leads me to another question. Did blizz lay out in detail the Dos and Don'ts with the forum and the people they asked to join? regardless, having the CC has given some celebrity status immediately and it went to their heads. this is part of the problem why i don't see us ever having a one on one conversation with them. there's too much risk. too much opportunity for a troll or some other malicious intent.
I think you're right about premade. the threads should have been almost like stickies: Let's talk about this hot button topic #123 and all comments should follow and keep it condensed.
maybe it is/was a PR stunt. The director kept promising "communication" but the proper avenue has yet to be developed that doesn't descend into ugliness. The best anyone gets is a prominent streamer joining a live chat with them and the questions are pre-selected like in the past with Lore Q&A stuff.
TLDR. I thought the point was back and forth discussion. But it seems everyone has an agenda; they have that one or two things that irks them and keep making repeat posts about it and then others follow suit wanting their own unique thread of redundancy.
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As entertaining as Zack is I don’t think he has much insight on just how much compromise goes in to game development. Many many many players complain about how this or that is broken and this or that isn’t fully fleshed out but then simultaneously complain about the wait time between content drops. Put simply game development is hard. It is stressful, takes a lot of time and dedication and even then some times things don’t come together.

You will hear people protest that development crunch is un acceptable and that devs are people who have lives then also put developers on blast for releasing something before it is super polished. You don’t get both without some people with VERY deep pockets losing a lot of money on labor costs. The devs don’t have a checklist that they get to finish each expansion before starting on the next. Rather then checklist keeps growing and they do what they can to not drown in said list.

Do you want to know why the devs stuck with covenants and covenant abilities even after feedback told them to remove the player power? It is because by that time they are way to invested to pivot. They have put hundreds of hours across the team creating this stuff and when they get crap for making something a most people don’t like they don’t really have any choice but to keep pressing forward. Yes they could have unlocked covenants earlier but everything on early build 9.0 was built on the idea that we were committed to one. Just adding the ability to change as we saw created a host of other thing that would need to be changed or added to facilitate the players who wanted to change more frequently. So if that had been a 9.0 thing that would have been in addition to not finishing The Maw and Torghast (Both of which after the delay were still a work in progress)

It is easy from the outside in to say “Just delay it” But every day a game gets delayed that is more money the company loses which means there is an increased likelihood that more employees get laid off later that year. These are simply decisions that the management would take lightly and personally I don’t envy anyone who would haft to make those calls.

Is WoW in a good spot? No not really.
Is there a realistic solution that makes everyone happy? No

Don’t act like a large number of people calling wow a bad game helps anything. It doesn’t.


Blizzard knows there are a few players left that can still be fooled by lip service. The council itself is meaningless beyond that.

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Yep, just a PR stunt. They already know what we think from the Blizzard forums and fan sites.

I am curious what the MVP thing has to do with the Community Council. There are two people from the WoW Community MVP group who are currently in the CC. Me and Xanlorash, who I don’t actually know much about, but seems into achievements and collecting. We had to apply like everyone else. The only benefit for Blizz is that we have a documented post history here that is easy to search and have not otherwise caused any “scandals”.

MVPs have never had a means to talk to the Devs. We talk to the players on the forums, answer questions, chat about whatever subject we are passionate about. We can talk to the Community Managers if we want, but that is the extent of it. It is a misunderstanding of the MVP program if people thought MVPs had a special way to reach the game devs.

that's what i am getting at. You have worked really hard to be where you are. i'm not saying others cannot be helpful but your post history speaks for itself. i mean...maybe i'm completely wrong, but i envisioned that those of us who let's say like all things druid would become the druid MVP. You post as green and you become a paragon of the community first and then as the druid mvp you could belong to the council.

so far it seems okay, but if they propose to have one on one discussions, live chats, whatever...if i were in their shoes, I'd be more comfortable with established people who have dedicated themselves to this forum (first and foremost) and if they happen to be streamers or icyveins experts...icing on the cake.
didn't mean it like that. only that you are strong candidates. moderation is always in effect, i get that, but perhaps avoid recent events that don't need to be mentioned.

It’s a puppet system. What makes those selected people any better than the posts in here? It looked like a corrupt system from the jump, and anyone who participates in a corrupt system is just as guilty as those propagating it.

The forums are a miserable place. People argue with others because of their own emotional deficit, they can’t suss out good parts of a bad idea, and they’re absolutely unwilling to think critically about any root causes of the problems we have. Every complaint is just one big, grand “Newbs are ruining my favorite game mode!”

But there are serious posters here as well, and you won’t find the good threads by looking at the likes. I just wish there was a more clear pipeline of good ideas to the development team from the people. Sadly, troll posters are players who don’t read books are the majority here. And they ruin it for everyone. Cynical, nihilistic people who think “well the system doesn’t work so let’s just cause trouble.” - it’s a stupid persons idea of insightful philosophy.

No it isn’t.

This is what it is.

we could make our own community council, everyone’s invited to add their 2 cents and blizz can read it if they’re interested

Scapegoats, a company can never have enough.

Honestly, I probably should have applied. I’m good at getting discussions going on hot topics

The usual path for those folks is not the Council. Funny enough they get snapped up by the gaming industry. I think the last two major Druid MVP folks stepped down after they took industry jobs and it would be viewed as a conflict of interest.

MVPs have no “requirements” to meet other than to not break the forum rules. It is pretty relaxed in that we can just post when we have time on topics we are interested in. The Council is another level of “work” that not everyone was probably interested in. I don’t know how many of the MVP group even applied.

We shall see how it all works out and if they keep both programs or what.


Op,as of now there is no point having it ,the same questions are in GD and plus as of now i’m not listening nor reading any of the CC members. I asked a question and got no answers in one thread ,which is rude.

And nice to know they have alts.

I vaguely remember one of the MVPs going that route. I don't remember who. It's just that now that this council exists, i was just curious as to what was to guarantee quality behavior.

sadly, i've broken the rules 3x now making inappropriate comments that got me silenced. and in some cases made the foolish mistake of posting in a thread that i knew would be flagged and 404ed

i'm just trying to say, I trust you greens over unvetted posters who I've never seen before and I don't read the EU forums. That's all. :)

How many times do I have to tell you to stop being brutally honest?! You never learn!

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