What's the point of playing tbc when cheaters have essentially gm powers right now?

are we getting Nerfed KT or buffed KT?

I’ve seen how players instantly teleport from zone to another black lotus instantly.

Alliance mage instantly from storm wind to lotus right in front of me. Was trippy. And I don’t even herb, was trippy to see it.


Why? Cuz tbc is fun


They addressed things that were reported months ago and still in game? Yeah I don’t think so. Their solution to the botting problem was merely to cap the number of instances for all players (one example). Infrequent ban waves to keep up appearances. Nothing in regards to massive exploits involving players using gm powers though.


Because TBC was where it really started cooking and I would absolutely love to play it. There will always be exploiters/hackers/cheaters but unless their impact is greater than usual, it won’t prevent me from having a good time.

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Amen you are 100% correct. Blizzard needs to fix server side hacks like teleporting and fly hacking.



I can’t say I care much about bots; I play mostly because of the people I play with. That’s me. I’m looking forward to TBC content with them, and after that, Wrath content. I tried playing retail a couple weeks ago, and I lasted maybe 30 minutes. I didn’t like it one little bit.

I don’t really participate in the economy much, so I can’t speak for that component of play. If botters want to post 1000000 mana potions and ore and arcane crystals all dirt cheap, then great. In my opinion, its nicer than having 5 guys sitting around all day buying and reposting at stupidly high prices.

If Blizzard wants to keep me subscribing, they can provide TBC as a continuation of of current content, and then after TBC, Wrath. I guess banning bots is good, but whatever. Again, just my opinion.

Just imagine how hard it’ll be to get a Nether Drake. It was a total dumpster fire the first time around until a couple months in when it slowed down out there, but between the mega servers and teleport bots, the eggs and everything on the island will be locked down for ages.

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It 100% exists, there are multiple videos on it. It is largely prevalent on the bigger servers, pvp included. It does seem curious that any bot/cheating thread I see people claiming they do not exist though, and it is the same people.


At least classic was fun for a few months

Yeah honestly my hype for TBC is gone. If their goal was to just fart out a Vanilla server and let it ride without giving it the proper support just so they could say later on “See? You thought you did, but you didn’t”, well they succeeded. This isn’t what I or anyone else signed up for and this is a precursor to TBC being dead on arrival with more megaservers and 90% of the population being Horde.


A game (or RL society in general for that matter) is only as good as the people in it & the rules/enforcement that maintain the integrity of the system. Looks like WoW Classic is just as much of a bust as the real world. Go figure.


They need to not allow overseas accounts to play on us servers. That’ll make bottling too expensive.


we live in sad times

If you believe every rumor in the forums, cheaters and botters have almost infinite powers. They can do anything!

I don’t believe that – why would a “cheater” have any ability that other players don’t have? Sure, we can choose not to DO things because they are cheating – but we have the ability.

But (according to the rumors) cheaters have some kind of “magic” that lets them do anything…

True believers in the forums reject this being “a bug in my display” and insist teleporting is “real” (though nothing in this game is “real”).


How were you able to tell he teleported from SW to where you where?

You’ve never heard of those hackers in TBC who would carry people through raids? Little level 1 gnomes flying about instantly deleting bosses lmao.

That’s the true #nochanges TBC experience lol.

I did that grind two times on retail tbc. lucky enough small sever (zuluhead) and I was horde. Still a pain lol :rofl:

Because cheaters have modified the client interface program to make it do things the standard client won’t do, and the server doesn’t do strict checking to deny bogus requests.

For example, when you are in town and click on a mailbox, the client program tells the server “Hey, I’m at a mailbox, please show me my mail.” Normally, the only way to initiate this action is to actually be standing at a mailbox, because that’s the only time the client will show a mailbox cursor.

But what if you modified the client so it could ask the server to show mail anytime, no matter where you were? And what if the server always honored that request because it trusts that you’re standing next to a mailbox, without actually checking?

This is a silly made-up example, but it shows the basic principles that let people cheat.

And we know for a fact that this kind of thing has happened. Back in Vanilla, raiders in the guild <Overrated> edited the AQ40 map files on their local PCs to remove some walls, so they could walk straight to the end boss and skip a whole lot of super annoying trash mobs.

And this worked because the server doesn’t do terrain/path checking – it trusts the client interface program to restrict player movement to only allowed areas.

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