What's the excuse for the bots now?

Agreed, hunters and monks are also incredibly common bot tools, it’s not a druid issue - its a Bot and bad administration on blizzard’s part issue.


2+2=4 is also not a bot.

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The only person that can detect botting is Blizzard.

I’ll defer to someone elses wisdom on this one.
Im just looking at the cost to buy and play the game.
If it were me, Id be banning bots as fast as possible knowing they’ll be purchasing a new copy of the game just as fast as they get the banned notice.

you know, that’s a good point about bots farming copies and thus artificially inflating the sales numbers.

sounds fraud level, even.

Are you suggesting, there will never be any mistakes?

Blizz doesn’t want to ban any legit players, they probably feel like their method of software has less of a chance of false bans than would be had with eyeballing


Does make you wonder about actual legitimate subs vs bots.
How many REAL players are subbed?

I’d like to clarify that I report BOTs every chance that I get, but I’m trying to explain why Blizzard wouldn’t take action right away

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And take it from someone who accidently blocked a lot of users…its very easy to inadvertently target legit people when youre going ban crazy.
Banning by IP is a horrible idea. IPs are dynamic lots of times on the consumer end. Ban someone today with that address and in a week someone else might have it and not be able to get to your site/server.

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Was that in the post when you first posted it?

There’s no reason to get upset, I’ve already said I agree with you I don’t know what more you want. Blizz isn’t going to start banning people because of what it looks like is happening :man_shrugging:


It’s not fraud, honest to Bob, the legal things that people claim in here are ridiculous.

If a botter buys 5 copies, it’s five sales. No matter how you spin it, it’s not fraud. Their sales are legitimate.

How about not trying to start an outrageous conspiracy theory?

the point I’m making is that if a BOT buys the game, gets banned day one, buys the game again, gets banned day one, then does so a third time and gets banned day one, at what point do they move on? will they drop another $40 for a new account? they’ve already invested $120 and have seen no profit.

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It would be if they were the ones running the bots to inflate their own numbers,
But once again conspiracy theory

No, I can see your point. Thats what I mean…I’ll have to defer on that one…in my mind Im thinking they’ll be right back at it in 24 hours regardless, but you could be right.

dude…you just blew my mind :flushed:

This right here.

The token and gold and gifting accounts make this too easy for them to make free accounts. They can make thousands of accounts per day. Play for FREE then gift those accounts enough blizzard balance to buy 1 month SUB. Then bot those account to 50 without even having to touch shadowlands, and never have to spend actual money for anything at all. just gold to make the whole system run.
And then make so much gold that buying shadowlands and botting and getting banned means nothing they lost nothing ( LITERALLY NOTHING just pixels and electricity costs)

They need a system that denies the Ease of account creation.

Brand new accounts cannot be gifted gold without first purchasing a monthly sub. After that FREE accounts with a monthly SUB ( meaning that account doesn’t have the current expac) cannot be gifted balance or hold more then 20k gold per month ( for the first 3 months)

In order to have no restrictions on the account it has to have a a current expansion PURCHASED without Bnet balance. ( for those that buy there stuff this way, there would be a 3 month system that anyone has had a SUB for 3 months or longer they could then purchase with gold Bnet balance what not as it is now)

Any Accounts, that have been actioned lose there account priveledges and the restrictions are put back in place until a new expac.

It gets bad when you need to use another conspiracy theory to prove your current one… Just saying! :rofl:


No, it wasn’t in the first post - it was however in the first reply i gave to you and you’ve been making up garbage that doesn’t exist in the scenario to pose some pretty ridiculous hypotheticals

Also i changed it, so yknow.
Eat me bruh, tired of people half-reading things and playing devil’s advocate on something they’re clearly undereducated on
And yeah i really do mean that one in regards to the botting, you clearly have no understanding of how these bots work and while you may be a good example of a player who would “Accidentally ban” a player you think is a bot, you also make a good example of the kind of person who should have such a job.

lol, my bad. When i saw the comment I think mentally I flipped it 180.

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Part of the problem is game design.

Hyperspawns shouldn’t exist. It’s actually possible to implement dynamic mob spawn rates with a cap that is related to how many players can be expected to be playing in that area.

Rare mounts shouldn’t drop off low health quest mobs in a hyperspawn situation.

Requirements for crafting mats are excessive and cannot be met by regular players gathering normally. This has been a problem since throughout BfA.

Devs need to let go of the idea that mob density should force players to fight their way in and then fight their way out again. I was on Argus late in BfA and came across an area that had just had the mob density greatly increased with more difficult (and thus more rewarding) mobs. I was on 5 druids intending to kill the elite at the end of the cul de sac, but now the mob density was such that I couldn’t even stealth in. They were spawning so fast that I couldn’t even stop to loot them all (I wasn’t using key cloning, so I would have had to loot each druid separately). I told my friends that this was going to be the next hyperspawn boomkin farm, and within days it became one.

A lot of the problem is just lazy game design.