What's the excuse for the bots now?

ahh yes, those were the times.
I remember making a ticket in classic in EPL about a guy that was stood in the same spot for 3 days, figured it was a bot fishing.
(this next part may shock new players to SL)
Got a response in about 15-20 minutes (not 1-2 days)
And a man wearing a blue and black robe showed up to my location, we had a small chat, I watched him with my eyeballs teleport this player 20 yards away from the pool, and he would run back start fishing again. He did it a few more times than just, poof the guy was gone, GM said problem was solved and thanked me for my time.


Bots can’t be defeated. I hate that they exist, but it’s easier to just pretend like they don’t instead of thinking they’ll someday be gone for good.

Botting is a continuous battle, and Blizz more often bans in waves than every singular bot that pops up.

When one botting option gets shut down, people come up with a new way. Banning in waves ensures more people are caught before the new botting experience is rotated to.


you can’t ban them too quickly… you have to let it be financially viable for those doing it for a while, that way they can justify buying a brand new copy of the game(x20) rather than just renewing a $15 sub fee(x20).

at least that’s what I’m assuming

When the delay of banning is enabling further Free botting it makes the act of banning rather redundant.
Playing whack-a-mole and making sure they never get the chance to create 40-account farming empires would be significantly better than seeing someone clearly coming back on the same bot you just had banned under a different name to be in the same spot for another 4-5 days

I Insist that this would be a far better method than the system that has been failing us for over 5 years

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I think this might answer this portion of your post

They have to be able to prove someone is botting, they can’t just use the power of the eyeball.

There’s around 200 wow realms so you’re asking Blizz to hire 400 - 800 new employees that would STILL need to do the same thing I mentioned before.


Fun fact
Most ongoing botters are INCREDIBLY visible at this exact moment in time and take under 2 minutes to confirm if they’re a bot or a legitimate player

Such things as autotargeting / following mobs on a slight delay as you pull them away, clearly automated looping pathing / backpedalling when stuck scenarios (at least 10 in the past week i’ve been able to get stuck in walls, others will automatedly go back a pace, then left for 1 sec, then forward, then back, then right for 2 sec, then forward, then back, then left for 4 sec, then forward.
Automation is automation and it’s very hard to not be able to tell the difference between a robot and a functioning human being, the human being will move organically around an obstacle, these are not.

I’m sorry but my eyeballs have found me about 15 bots this week just on that grounds alone and they’re still floating around.

Do they need to put on sunglasses and hold a cane to prove they’re playing blind?


Yes. That is literally the absolute least this company could do for us. 800 * minimum wage or slightly above pales in comparison to the actual worth of blizzavision.

I would assume the answer is evidence. A cop can look at someone and see them smoking (tobacco) and drinking and think “hm, they look young” but he can’t arrest them he has to get evidence, probably in the form of ID.
I’m guessing Blizz does something similar “looks like they are botting” but they can’t ban them, they have to get evidence

So they could have a GM port these players behind a wall and see what the reaction is and gauge accordingly? An active GM with the ability to manipulate a player would be easily able to prove this much more in depth than a blood dk farming hides dragging mobs on top of suspiciously moving players dont you think?

Anyone who plays this game well and has an ounce of creativity is death for bots without special IT privileges so i honestly want to know why they can’t do what they’re “Working on actively” more securely than their players

Probably isn’t enough for them, I imagine they look for software identifiers to see if they are using some program to control the characters. If I got ported somewhere randomly I don’t know how I’d react lol, I’d probably start by checking my map to see where I was, then going into Discord and telling everyone what happened and complaining about it :rofl:

So you wouldnt go into an automated method of pathfinding and start running into the wall repeatedly? Sounds like a sure-fire way to prove you’re not a bot

Edit: Oh right i forgot some of them hearth after running at the wall for more than 30 sec

But its more than 1 person.

Lets say there are 100 different people that use the same botting software. 1 person gets hammered from botting.

Now those 99 change what they are doing so they don’t get caught.

You catch 1 person, while the rest of the botting community continuously remains at large.

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I wouldn’t but that’s not to say no one wouldn’t.

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So there’s a huge problem with this assumption
The people buying bots sure as hell don’t know how to build or edit them,
And once again - automation will ALWAYS be automation, it might get more refined, but it will in fact be an automatic, defineable loop with set parameters as it is in fact a computer program that functions off of set parameters.

This is immutable, bots are not omnipotent gods that can spontaneously blend in, they’re just full of dirty tricks that are easy to see past if you wish to look for genuine automation.

It would be safe to say you wouldnt be backing up in regimented, organized manners designed to blindly maneuver an obstruction (1 back 2 left 2 forward 1 back 4 right 2 forward 1 back 6 left 2 forward)

Its not like they’d be twirling about frantically wondering what happened

Y’all seriously out here acting like the bots are run by OpenAI and i’m losing my mind at how oblivious this entire thread is at the actual functions of how a bot works


Sure, I get it, they are probably bots but Blizz still needs more evidence than that.

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If you not prevent botting, but do ban waves
Shareholders are happy because bots are banned. Blizzard happy because new bots buying game and sub time
a win win

Nah I think everyone gets it, but you can’t just ban because it looked like it to you.