What's the dillyo

Been out of wow since the beginning of BFA. Hows the community doing? It seemed like it dipped a bit right after WoD and wanted to see if it’s thriving again.

Haven’t RPed in several years and thinking of wetting my feet again. Also why do I keep seeing orobator talk about Vulpix(it’s a joke) ? Did we get pokeman’s as playable races? Can I be a pikachu yet?

I rp mainly orcs and pandas.
Anyone remember me?


I remember seeing Khatz a few times. I haven’t tracked the community at large, but I have not had trouble finding rp. It’s always there if you go looking for it. O:

I remember ya. I came back recently myself after being gone for 6ish months. There’s just the max influx of Vulpera from 8.3 but other than that things seem to be about the same.

I dipped out during the tail end of WoD too and didn’t come back until around the end of Legion. I wasn’t as big into the whole RP “community” back then, but in the past couple of years, I’d say things look like they’re going pretty well. The Valley Honor remains the go-to spot for walk up RP, and Silvermoon remains a preferred hangout for Elves, although you’ll have be more pro-active there to get things going.

And of course there’s a bunch of guild and community stuff going down on the various Discord channels. WoW’s in game community chat system never really took off.

And there’s the Horde guild roster so you can see what new guilds are in the mix and which ones have retired.


I remember you.

Things have changed like they always do. Some guilds remain like they always do. I would say WrA is business as usual. Orgrimmar has big spikes of trolliness and not much RP. If you check some discord servers or community groups, you might be able to find some older, familiar faces. However, everyone I remember from the Wolfheart/other groups have mostly gone to FFXIV or other games.

We persist, my friend. Many old faces are still out and about, doing our best magic with the content at hand. Seems to be the same old stuff as usual; casual RP at the Valley of Honor, most other stuff being guild-centric or at world events.

Except now there’s a caravan by the water in the Valley of Honor. And… lots of tiny things. With easy-to-step-on tails. And a change in the local music.

Thank you for listing this link, Tamanii! Reminded me it’s well past time I added KZ!