What's harder than high keys?

Getting into a low key.

Seriously, when you have a 270 ilvl and can’t get into a +5, or even a +2, there’s clearly something wrong with the system.


Remembering that we’re all human and getting us all to accept our flawed nature and become patient and helpful to each other.

And yeah they prob want high ilevel to spam for valor very fast as they do some weird chain pulls I guess.

Uhh… people not inviting you to a group isn’t about, “the system” maybe they don’t want an enh sham and are given better options?

Btw did an 11 yesterday as enh :wink:

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Having faith in Blizzard, Having faith in Twitter, trying not to have the urge to throw your keyboard out the window while doing lower karazhan, those are things harder than high keys.

But on a serious note, I’d recommend running your own keys, this has helped me out a lot last season because you’re in control of who you want in your group and such. Right now, it is going to be a bit difficult getting into keys as a dps because nobody loves us. :frowning:

Getting into an 11 doesn’t change the issue. It’s getting into a 5 that’s the problem.

Lol. That sounds like a YOU issue… again, people not inviting you is not a system issue.

DPS are a dime-a-dozen… the choices are wide, you gotta be patient.

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Isn’t really difficult the system is pretty much grind IO to get into better keys. Just takes time. If youre a dps you should also run your own key. If you find a tank or healer that is good while doing a key just add him to your friend list and run together.

For m+ players or in general ?

For M+ players I would say acquiring patience , trying to be decent person on the internet, going out side.

For general playerbase
Trying to be decent person on the internet, going out side. :rofl:

Getting a bunch of “Full and Delisted” groups you sign up for isnt the end of the world, its the ones that Decline you that it gets insulting. This is why you never put a number to anything in this game.

When you get declined, youd like to know why, Id like to know why, low ilvl? Not enough exp? Alliance? Id like to know.

What pisses me off is that you need to be 270+ for a +2… Thats just toxic

No. It’s just there’s something is wrong with how you interpret this. It means there’s gazillion players at that ilevel trying to get invited to those low keys and unfortunately, you were not chosen.

You could also be declined for being overqualified. If you have lust, maybe the group already have Lust. If you have Brez, maybe the group already have Brez. If you are melee and it is quaking, maybe they are full of melee and they wanted a Range. There are many reasons.


Maybe its you. No one else Ive talked to seems to have this problem. More groups are making back to back 15s. Your chances of getting into a 15 is almost 10x greater than almost any other key right now cuz thats most of what people are running. No one goes out of their way to look for a 5 or 2 group but if they get an offer to do one they will take it.

And if you struggled even to get that then maybe it is a YOU thing and not a THEM thing. You can pop into a low key group with ease. You probably just look at trade all day, see only high key spam and think thats all that is out there.

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This is the problem for most people…if you are DPS you are in a huge pool of applicants and the party leader can only pick 3. And since valor is uncapped, there are a lot of high ilvl people running low keys (which I assume is what you are doing).

The easiest answer is to run your own key

While true, if the issue is getting into a sub 7, quaking is not in play.

I was doing 13s to get a feel and a base to build from

2 if they are DPS, one reason I prefer to run as a tank or healer if I am on a class that can do such and I am deciently geared/skilled for it.


Was running keys on my 230 Druid, 242 WW and my 240 rogue. Make your own keys


Are you unable to acquire a key? Everyone starts somewhere.

Na. She’s gotten ever KSM of the expac so far. I think her main gripe was the fact that it was a lot more difficult to get a group together for a low key than she expected. Like the guy who replied to me about doing back to back 13s he is probably prepping up for 15s next. Just had to get his feet wet and test things out first before it was time to get serious. Dont know what OP is on about though.

Lower keys with a bad grp. :smiley:

I’ve been farming 2-5s on my fresh DK and just taking the first three DPS that apply.

Can’t do much if more than 3 DPS apply.


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You act like you can’t start your own group. There’s nothing wrong with the system, just you having a sense of entitlement.

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I know whats harder then high keys, doing a key til completion with no leavers… thats irritating