What's going on with the Community Council?

The Community Council was a PR stunt, and a bit of a genius one at that. It gives the illusion that Activision is doing something, gets a bunch of unpaid volunteers to do a job they 100% should be hiring people for, and takes the heat off their actual employees and gets the community arguing amongst themselves.

Nothing makes this clearer than how they treated Prosident.


Man ppl really care about this thing. I dont think ive even gone over to it once rofl.

Blizz is gonna blizz. No point in worryin about response rate

Edit: until i get put on it. Then itll be super important rofl. Rip im no youtuber tho

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100% this, look how many times since WoD have they had someone come out and apologize for “being wrong” and saying something to the effect of “actions speak louder than words, we’ll do better” then their actions just kept running counter to their apologies. Y’all need to start listening to Blizzard. Their actions DO speak louder than their words.


So if they posted something as inane as “look at me, i can poop and post!” you’d consider that acceptable? Of course not.

It’s hilarious that you people thought a CC and communication meant every post would get a personalized reaponse followed by a gift basket for all the great suggestions and an immediate promise to make that very change.

It’s a PR gimmick that will slowly be phased out as the public eye forgets about Blizzard.

Don’t kid yourself about it being anything more.


Blizz is absolutely under no obligation to explain themselves to the council or give people everything they want. Nor, do they have answer things in a way that finalizes a topic. They are 100% able to say things along the lines of saying this is in development and we are planning some things… etc… Not having any response at all is what is problematic for many people.

If that is the case, top management gave the approval to implement the Community Council to begin with. So they should have a had the foresight to plan on a response process in a timely fashion. I think it is very unlikely that Bobby Kotick has to sign off on everything.

Regardless, if they continue to not respond, for whatever the reason, they cant realistically have any expectation for the community council to be a success. Hopefully the other posters on this thread are correct and it is just a matter of the Holidays being a factor in the delay on some of the posts on the Community Council forum.

It’s probably due to holiday break. Nobody wanted to muddy the waters before the holidays.

Couldn’t you have perused through General Discussion and found one of the five other threads that say this exact same thing?

I think this time of year is big for the carry teams aka blizz’s bonus program, they have to make enough to pay rent AND eat.

And why do that? Why implement something like this at a time right before your entire staff isn’t going to be in the office and ready to participate? Even the two weeks it was on before any breaks were going out, they had time to respond to more than five posts.

It used to be the case that every developer would have to spend a specific amount of time on the forums per week to look for suggestions and provide feedback to the players. Now they have this “council” to give feedback, and they neglect it because, “holydaze time.”

At this point, even a canned response could have already been given, since they very well could have anticipated a lot of the questions and comments that have been floating around the forums for years now.

There are much better ways they could have handled this, and I don’t foresee it getting any better. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong, but from past experience with them removing the suggestion forums, I don’t see it going anywhere much.

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That’s a bit of a reach.

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Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year, that’s close to two months. But that’s beside the point considering I said in that same sentence:

Meaning I don’t think they all went on break for two months.

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Dang, where’s my copy of Reading for Dummies :frowning:

Exactly this.

Devs need to raise a topic and get short feedback from council members. As is, I wouldn’t want to be a dev and cypher through all that mess. A lot of the council stuff is really irrelevant to what needs to be addressed first.

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