What's coming in this patch?

I haven’t kept up with the news on this patch…can you point me in the right direction to see whats coming in this patch?

Yesterdays Hot Fix Notes

Edit: posted yesterday. Today is patch day.

That was yesterday’s hotfix notes.


Oof I’m special. Today is the patch? Thanks for the update, I should learn to read better lol.

And also.

More affliction buffs.

Cackles wildly. Stirs cauldron.

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I wonder if evokers will have a Mage Tower reward/encounter. Probably not.

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Former new character starter equipment has returned and can be found at vendors in Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Pay a visit to a local shop relevant to your armor type and see what they have in stock!

That is an important note because I am sure people are going to flood the AH with them when you can just buy them from a vendor.

That is a very good question that I haven’t seen any info about.

Nothing, its a glorified hot fix…