What's Changing (and Not!) in Season 2

(Sëliciä) #74

you already quoted the answer. only azerite gear ilvl 370+ from sources after the patch goes live in 8 days will have the new 5th ring, all pieces below ilvl 370 will have only 4 rings

(Féndalton) #75

Can you increase weapon drop rate.

(Liaka) #76

The first week of M+ being capped at 385 makes absolutely no sense unless you’re a world first or top 100 guild.

Way to screw the rest of the player base just for some world first raiders.

We live in a free country and if they “feel” forced to run a lot of M+ the first week that’s their choice to raid and M+ their eyeballs out. Don’t ruin the game for other players who enjoy M+.

I want to get my feet wet into the new season and making the first week a boring week is a poor choice of judgement.


Holy hell 11 weeks of M+ for a targeted piece? That’s insane.

(Raicolette) #78

Man, that’s IF you get a piece of Azerite Gear from it. This is insulting.

(Watcher) #79

Good catch. I updated the OP to include information on Knowledge. (AK resumes accruing the week of the 22nd, when Season 2 starts.)

(Kellorion) #80

really, cause i still aint playing mine…

(Altieri) #81

Thank you for the info. These are the things we been asking each other the past few weeks.


How high can the 385 gear from a +6 or higher titanforge in the first week of Season 2?

(Sëliciä) #83

it’s implied with this patch meaning (8.1.5) and once you do the unlock questline like with the current 6 that are unlocked atm.

(Sëliciä) #84

like it currently does up to 15 points from base so a 385 can become a 400, but remember azerite armor pieces can not titanforge.

(Reptarstrike) #85

You didnt mention random BG rewards in your post either. Does this mean they are going to stay at 330ilvl? Or are they going to be increased +30ilvl like heroic dungeons (up to 360ilvl)?

(Sëliciä) #86

any word on when 8.2 will hit the PTR.
Hopefully before the march 26th timeline when you say AK stops again.

(Metrohaha) #87

This is a post explaining what is changing and what is not in season 2. It’s not being made to make people who don’t like the game want to play it again. It’s made to help people already playing it understand it more about key details about the upcoming season change - which is essentially a new feature in bfa.

This is a promising step to helping close the door on the otherwise horrible communication we get at times. It’s very much appreciated, at least by me.


If all you care about, it what was in the OP, then yes.
As for a ‘promising step’…we’ll see.
Blizzard’s promises have a habit of falling flat; all the cheerleading in the world cannot change the fact that too many of this game’s problems are being ignored.
‘‘Improved communication’’? how many YEARS ago was that promised?

(Metrohaha) #89

That’s all there is to care about. It’s a thread about season 2, not the overall state of battle for azeroth.
Let’s hope we hear from ion more one way or another.

(Sëliciä) #90

I agree this is a greatly appreciated step in the right direction in addressing a severe drought in communication from devs and CM’s with the players.
But I don’t expect a developer to be on here as much as I do a CM to give us “the player” the information we need in a timely manner as they have a game to make and fix, but it’s very much welcomed.
I personally would like to see more CM feedback an posts on things the developers are in talks about so people can give specific feedback on the issues on the board being talked about. kind of like what they did with island expeditions, though most of that feedback wasn’t taken into consideration.

(Gurbo) #91

Wait, does that mean all the old 370 conquest rewards will now reward 400 instead? So a character who has not conquest capped every week can quickly grind through a series of “old” ilvl 400 items faster than a currently conquest capped character, who must wait for upcoming weekly rewards…?

Am I understanding this right? Because this is a bigtime punish for anyone who is current on conquest rewards


This is WoW. Not League of Legends.

This is an MMO. There should NOT BE “SEASONS.”

No one wants to “play the patch” - we want to play the game.

Also, that’s gonna be a yikes from me dog.

(Sëliciä) #93

week 1 of season 2 rewards will reward season 1 capped items (OLD cap level) new season rewards (400) will be rewarded beginning with the week 2 chest following the reset on jan 29th-NA/30th-EU