What's a new race/class combination you want?

night elf paladins with silver particle effects

step it up blizzard senpai

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I want my elunesaber.

That is the advantage Druids have.

Since druids are mostly defined by their special forms, and each race has its own forms, a Zandalari dinoboy feels way different from the super traditional NE Druid. By giving each race unique forms Druids get recontextualized to fit various different cultural origins.

But paladins who aren’t following the traditional human-dwarf-draenei-BE Light/Naaru religious themes feel really strange, since they look exactly the same. Tauren don’t feel like sun warriors, they feel like humanaboo cows. And nothing about Zandalari paladins says “T-Rex worshiper”.


They really should just open all classes to all races at this point.

There’s been enough exposure and intermingling among each races of both factions where you can’t say there’s been at least a few members of Race A who can’t previously be Class X approach Race B who can and ask, “Can you teach me how to do that?”

Bring on the Orc/Undead Druids/Paladins.

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“Of course! Let me just go get my eye-gougin’ spoon”

I’m a dork and think I’d be okay with Demon Hunters keeping to night elves and blood elves.

And when they add Tinkers - because they should they’re overdue just like Demon Hunters - I’d be okay with just goblins and gnomes.

Though it’d be cool to see Gilnean and Forsaken flavoured shredders/pounders.

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As a thought: I’m conflicted as a fan of both the idea of any class for any race and of the flavor that class limitations bring, so…

What would y’all on this thread think of a case where player races are limited to current/thematic classes at character creation, but could find an NPC and/or an epic questline which would ‘teach’ them to become a new class that isn’t normally available to them?

It could be as simple as a dwarf walking to Moonglade and saying ‘hey, can I join your club?’, or as grueling as an undead going on a perilous journey to collect holy relics from all over the map and fighting a powerful Scourge remnant to become a paladin, or as secretive as finding one of those reclusive and randomly spawning Eredar to teach the player to become a warlock.

If it takes too much development time, maybe the class-change component of it could be made optional so the questline(s) could be used as part of the patch’s main story chain.

draenei artificers arrive at the workshop with a bag full of crystals only to be turned away at the door

they have to go talk to the protoss and compare notes on how to shove dead warriors into mechas

Perhaps you can keep that racial culture/flavor and still give all races every class. Blizzard is on a customization kick right now. From the sound of it, race customization options are getting doubled (outside of allied races cries in Nightborne). Why not just spend the next wave of resources on giving race unique effects to class/race combos that need it to stand out?

Because I agree, a Night Elf running around in golden armor calling upon the Light is a strange sight. But a Night Elf smiting enemies with an elegant longsword in the name of Elune? Yes please.

Any race where it doesn’t make much sense or it would detract from the other races of that class, just change up the effects on the spells to make it stand out and appear unique.

That said I do think demon hunters should be the exception. They’re pretty strictly elven in my eyes, even though people have given some good arguments to include orcs and draenei.


To be fair, getting mad about having something on your back to the point you use said thing to beat the ever-loving beejeebus out of everything around you is a time-honored Orcish tradition.

I honestly don’t think we’ll see much more than was previewed.
I don’t even think they’ll add stuff for goblins, worgen, or Pandaren.

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Perhaps I’m being optimistic, but I did hear that blood elves, as an example, were getting around 20 new customization options. I imagine they wouldn’t be keen on giving only a few races that many and then shafting everyone else. Though I could see them shelving some races for another patch if time becomes an issue.

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Yes they would.
They couldn’t get away with not doing Blood Elves because of how popular they are.

Guess we’ll just have to wait and see then. My main point is I think they’re capable of doing some class reskins for the expansion after Shadowlands once they are no longer spending those resources on race customization.


Hopefully BfA made them realize that character creation makes players happy and its a money maker, since people buy character services because ooh I wanna be a wildhammer no I wanna be a :b:oneless forsaken ooh no I wanna be a sandfury and next thing you know you’ve spent $200 on race changes


boneless honey garlic forsaken


I’ve got a couple that I think would be fun:

  • Draenei Druid
  • Undead Druid (aka Plagueshifter)

Paladins and Shamans of that era were forced to wear cloth simply because Plate and Mail that dropped in the specs they needed in the gear quality they needed was nigh-on impossible.

God that era sucked for both classes. Forced to equip substandard gear just because it had the appropriate stat bonuses. Being relegated to being subpar healers simply because they were marginally more useful then subpar DPS (Paladins tanking? In that era? HAHAHAHAHAHA).

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I’d like to see Void Elf Demon Hunters and Nightborne DH’s as well personally. I like the idea of a dh needing to balance the fel and the shadow, plus more options for dh is always good imo. To that extent I’d like to see Zandalari DH’s only they aren’t Illidari and are members of the demoniacs.