What you think happen to the Alternative Azeroth?

I’m obviously talking about the Alternative Draenor Timeline, what you think happen on Azeroth without the first Horde invading?

It mean that Alternative Azeroth might have a Medivh who is still alive, a uncorrupted Illidan and the alliance wouldn’t be a thing and the humans would still be fighting each other.

I bet there is another Xe’ra out there too, you think she will go and force purge Illidan to make him her “Chosen warrior” who will defeat the darkness/void?

I heard some people talking about a possible expansion where the light invade us coming from Alternative Draenor from the dark portal again and having a OP light powered Illidan and a lot of other lightforged heroes like Varian, Garrosh, Thrall, Jaina and so on could be interesting to be honest.


Yeah Garrosh and Thrall wouldn’t be there my bad but you can probably add other character who were on Azeroth.

Also they do say it exist here unless they changed their mind later on.


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Humans at war with each other because they are ultimately selfish beings who can’t work together unless there’s a mass extinction event staring them right in the face and even then some of them will claim it’s a hoax.


I like it, good idea. Since its a good idea, blizz will never do it.


(Statement): In the Mag’har recruitment scenario, there are references to one of the Naaru who arrived on Draenor. One of them is called the Light Mother, a title Xe’ra uniquely had.

(Speculative): As for AU Azeroth, it all depends. The Bronze Flight believes the nations that would form the Alliance would devolve into fighting against one another. Medhiv would still be active, as you’ve noted. Maybe he’d try to rebuild the Legion.


I thought the devs said explicitly that there was no alternate universe Azeroth? AU Draenor exists in its own little highly-unstable pocket of time and reality.


No idea about this but if this is true then that would kill a lot of good potential.

^This. Kairoz and Garrosh only manifested the potential Draenor into reality. A few echoes of the potential Azeroth might exist (like the shadowy figure who appears in one cutscene with the Shadow Council possibly being some version of Medivh, which went nowhere and had no bearing on anything) but the actual AU planet is a non-entity.


(Speculative): I don’t think that holds true anymore. If AU Draenor existed in it’s own unstable pocket of space-time, then the Naaru shouldn’t have been able to arrive there from outside of the planet. There would have to of been an entire AU universe, particularly as Xe’ra has an AU counterpart which has influenced Yrel.



That is what made me wonder, since if Xe’ra exist and she wasn’t on Draenor at the time then Alternative Azeroth should be a thing, otherwise she wouldn’t exist, but when you are on Draenor you can see other planet and a lot of star in the sky so… There is definitely a lot of stuff out there.


The alliance would go to war with the blood elves. Kill them all. Because Kael’thas couldn’t flee to outlands. The trolls would be murdered to bits. Tauren would be next. Just basically like how earth turned out. Humans would go out and enslave and genocide anyone different than them. I bet the burning legion would take over very quickly though.


What a factually untrue statement. Assuming there never was an orc invasion there never would be any blood elves because Ner’zhul would never have ended up as the Lich King. Most of the Alliance wouldnt even know about the taurens because they would have no reason to go to Kalimdor(because again no Lich King to destroy Lordearon). How easily the Legion could take over would be debatable because Cenarius wouldnt be dead at least.

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There is no AU Azeroth. That’s not really how it works. Garrosh created an AU Draenor and invaded our time line. So there was no AU Azeroth created.

Side note, this is why you should just not do AU or Timeline stories.

Also we know thanks to Bronze dragons, all timelines except OUR timeline, eventually collapse and explode.


So… the problem is this:

Without the invasion of the Horde, the Human Kingdoms are never crippled financially, and 2 of them don’t get wiped out.

Because of what happened to AU Draenor there is no Ner’zhul.
No Ner’zhul = No Lich King.
No Lich King = No zombie apocalypse.
The High Elves aren’t wiped out.
Varian may even marry a different person. There may be no Anduin in AU timeline.
Jaina and Arthas are much more likely to be betrothed since Kul Tiras isn’t crippled by the war effort.
Without the third war, there’s no invasion of the Burning Legion.
No invasion and no reason to free Illidan.
No reason to waken Malfurion from the Emerald Dream.
Teldrassil is never planted.
Orgrimmar is never built.
The Tauren are wiped out by the Centaur. :sob:
C’thun is free to rise on Kalimdor with only scattered Night Elf forces to stop him. There is maybe a chance that the Night Elves, after being devastated by the rise of C’thun send emmisaries to search for the Highborne to enlist their aid and in so doing bring Humans to Kalimdor and the Alliance is created to fight C’thun instead of the Horde.

Yogg Saron then rises in Northrend. It is possible that Muradin Bronzebeard’s expedition to Northrend uncovers this fact and the Alliance is able to stop Yogg Saron, but have to carve their way through the Nerubian Empire to do so.

It’s likely that Pandaria is never discovered.

Turalyon and Alleria never meet, unless by chance they meet against the possible campaign against C’thun.

Unless Alleria falls in battle, Sylvanas is never made Ranger General.

The Draenei never come to Azeroth.


Ehh. Commander Garithos definitely would have started something with the Highelves then. Trolls definitely would have been exterminated. You also have to remember all of the Warcraft lore we know has only been in the span of roughly 30-35 years. So imagine a couple of generations. Humans would need more space. Kalimdor is a lot of space and just a stones throw away. To say my statement is untrue is pretty much to ignore how humans seem to work. We just take and take and take.

They would have been destroyed by death wing because thrall wouldn’t be around…

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Garithos hated the High Elves because their inaction against the Horde got his dukedom razed and his family killed. No orc invasion means no Amani uprising means no racist uncle.


Ehhh. Not too sure about that. Racist is racist. Perhaps in this fairy tale world of make believe can pin point an exact moment of learned behavior but I’m just not buying it.

He was like that due to traumatizing and extreme experience though as far as I know, without those he wouldn’t be like that.

Then why is there a Xera and an Army of the Light in that timeline corrupting orcs and draenei? I KNOW WHAT I SAW WHEN I WAS UNLOCKING THIS BOI.

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Because Blizzard doesn’t think these things through.