What would YOU make the new Human racial?

Ok, so Diplomacy is going away in TWW. List some ideas you’d have to replace it with. Here’s a few to start…

  • Seasoned Traveller - Flightpaths are 20% faster, Portal cast time reduced by 50%.
  • Gastronomy - Food buffs last 50% longer. Health/mana recovers 50% faster from food.
  • Walk it off - Resurrection sickness lasts 50% less time.
  • Diplomatic immunity - Enemy guards teleport you 200 yards away instead of killing you. (Doesn’t work while PvP flagged. This will flag you.)

What would you make the new Human racial?


Isn’t res sickness down to pretty much nothing already?


Not sure. I play a Death Knight mostly.

Human Potential - Same effect as the Warlock spell “Seduction”.

Rez sickness is 1 minute these days.

I’d make it a discount at vendors. Same as goblins.


They took away a minor buff that is being used constantly, so it should be something that fills a similar role

Some ideas are:

  • Faster Hearthstone
  • More gear durability
  • 1 extra bag slot

Racial - Capitalism

make .1% more gold from quests and dungeons than other races


FOMO - Small speed boost when in proximity to a mob that has dropped loot and or chest.

Fear is the mind killer, fear of missing out is the loot killer

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Lion amoung the wolves

Repair cost are reduced by 15%

Hmm. Has to be something fancy… :robot::thought_balloon:

A swarm of bees! :jar::robot:

  • Indomitable Human Spirit - Instead of dying, don’t.


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Maybe do something a touch on the OP side.

Legacy of Humanity. Pick a heritage from one of the seven human kingdoms and get a corresponding buff. Can only be changed once every 24 hours.

Lordaeron could increase holy damage, Dalaran arcane, maybe Stormwind is a stamina buff or something, Alterac gives frost resistance, I don’t know. Feels like, “choose your buff racials,” are becoming a bit more popular.


Leave it as the same name: Rep Vendor Discount


Every man for himself: instant 2 minute cd

Removes all movement impairing effects and all effects which cause loss of control of your character. This effect shares a cooldown with other similar effects

I think it’d be pretty good.

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By portal cast time reduction are you implying hearthstones as well?
They could just do a reduced cd on hearthstones making it 15m like twisting nether.

My fingers are crossed it ends up being “titanic armaments” - your pauldrons and weapon are now 10% larger

Although it’s probably just going to end up something boring like “Dragonborn” - embrace the dragon within, transforming into your tree form allowing dragonflight capabilities, skin chosen at character selection.

wish corrupted…

leech 20%(35% in pvp) of your base health from all party members for 20 seconds as self healing

1 min CD

except most of these mechanics havent been in the game sine the end of wrath.

Well, the idea is a buff related to one of the seven kingdoms, appropriately thematic. I just tossed out examples, not anything I’d seriously suggest. I don’t play human characters, so I’d leave earnest suggestions to their players.

draenei: automatically deletes your character and sends you back to the character selection screen.
oh wait we’re doing humans.

Find fish

Next expansion after: “the fishing profession has been eliminated”

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