What would it take to get rid of batching?

Every day there’s a new post about batching and how much the community hates it. Even the #nochanges crowd agrees that spell batching is a bad part of WoW Classic.
What would it take to get rid of batching? Enough people complaining? Is there a critical mass of people that is a magic number? What options do we have?


owning Blizzard entertainment

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It is still part of Retail, so probably an incredible amount of effort…

And, it seems like people want it:

feels bad and was a terrible idea. bad players likely asked for this garbage. please make my kick connect but i still get sheeped so fun and interesting

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They failed so badly with this port to the new client. But it’s been months and most players were so bad they didn’t notice a difference.

I don’t think they’ll ever spend the resources to change it.

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All your quotes are from launch before anyone got to feel and experience the effects. None of these represent what people want today.



Read the comments from the thread you linked. There’s still constant updates to it to complain about the decision.

There are complaints about literally everything. There are so many people playing WoW, that it is far too large of a group of people to satisfy everyone’s preferences.

What precisely is the ask?

Batching as it’s done in classic should never have even happened. Who thought it would be a good idea to replicate garbage modems from 2004 in the modern era?

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It’s horrific. The game feels like trash.

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Mobs shouldn’t run though a frost trap because they ran through on a batch tick. Mobs shouldn’t run through blizzard because they ran through on a batch tick. Players shouldn’t die from a melee attack and blessing of protection go on cooldown at the same time. Shaman shouldn’t get a free bonus crit due to elemental mastery batching two spells at the same time. Melee shouldn’t hit 20yards away because it batched plus leeway. Vanish almost always fails due to batching since the buff almost never applies until the next batch after the spell is triggered, but it shouldn’t fail. Feign Death almost never triggered correctly. You see the animation, but because the feign occurs on the next batch the mob ticks in combat so combat doesn’t drop but it should.
I could list more, are you unfamiliar with batching?


As a healer, especially in PVP… some of this doesn’t feel right at all.

Blessing of Protection from 2 Paladins at once-- both go on cooldown and the target gets one BoP and 2 instances of Forbearance. This happens all the time with me.

BoP and heals fully casting only for the target to die without gaining the benefits. Very frustrating in PVP. It doesn’t seem right.