What will you do Today

Work and laugh at all the “OmG I took off work for 8.3 and servers down for 6 hours!?! I demand 4 years of free game time!!!” Threads for the first half of my day.

For the second half, I’ll be laughing at all the “I’ve played the patch for a total of 43 seconds and claiming it is the end of wow.” Threads.

Once I’m home around 930 I’ll finally be unlocking mechagnomes and DR-23R0 will rise!

Oh and maybe fel will get a fancy Cape.


I’ll probably hop in war mode and try to dissuade allies from picking on Vulpera and kill Horde that wanna pick on them for “being furries”


My typical transmog farming

Get the corruption stuff done on my mage, boost Pandaren DK with the freebie and probably not touch it until SL.

Should we put xxx for rateing after this?

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  1. Main quests and activities for cloak on my main.
  2. Vulpera Hunter.
  3. BRD Pet Dungeon.
  4. Get to know the new Auction House.

Very excited.


Depends if I can get my desktop up and running again,a pole upgrade induced power outage [without preemptive warning,gods dammit SCE] caused some booting issues I’ve been too tired to assess due to work and getting sick because germy customers. If I can get it back up,maybe work on one of my 120s or break down and splurge on a boost for this guy since fury feels squishier than normal leveling and arms is boring to me. :-/

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I have to work on Wednesday, and I’m on the East coast. I figure I’ll be asleep at 2am when the servers come back up.

Same thing I do everyday, Pinky! Work! LOL I’ll have to wait for the weekend to dig in and check all the new things out.


I will not be playing my alts because that is forbidden in BfA.


Going out with friends I think. Or work maybe.

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Even the CMs don’t want to play trash gnomes…


Get the quests started…Boost a Vulpera.

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Laugh at extended maintenance, get stuck at login because of DDOS. Gnaw on keyboard as I try to complete the vulpera unlock questline through the lag. Repeatedly body punch my cat that sleeps on my bed when every name I try is already taken. Apply bandages to arms after cat scratches me to Hell and back for the ‘punches’ which are just little pats to his tummy. Begin work on legendary cloak. Pause cloak quest to give kitty some tuna so he stops glaring at me.


The same thing I do everyday. Try to take over the world.


Log in game
Make my new Vulpera main BM hunter
Adjust my settings and add ons
Work on leveling my new Vulpera as much as possible in a day
Log off to finally sleep
Ignore my alliance guy here all day

Fur the Horde :fox_face:


First, unlock mechagnomes and vulpera.
Second, send my prepared things to the new mechagnome. I’ll probably start a vulpera too to see the intro but I have no real intentions of leveling one right off the bat.
After that I’ll probably get started on the new stuff with my main.

It will probably be time to go to bed :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though

Get to know the new Auction House.

First I’m going to bathroom for some serious crying. Next I’m going to get my stuffed Teddy bear named Smooches and get ready to play.
Then more crying followed by a deep conversation with my cat.


Continue playing classic with less people because they’ve logged on to retail to check out the 1-2 hours of new content outside the raid