What will you do Today

When the servers are back up?

Edit: title from tomorrow to today to avoid confusion.

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Mechagon so I can unlock my mecha gnomes.


Play Caravan Guard to a bunch of lowbie warmode vulpera so I can plant a bunch of derps with no PvP experience into the ground thinking that the lowbies will be easy pickings.


Well, first up on the batting order is my day gig.

After that, probably around 5:30-6:00 local, I’ll log in and see what sort of shenanigans are afoot.


Play through the opening questline on 1 or 2 characters and then make my Panda DK.

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Gonna make a Vulpera. Or, same as Sosho, might play caravan guard for the Vulpera. It’ll be fun


Make my kt dk and unlock the new races then do the starter crap on my main for both factions

I will be working until midnight unfortunately. I will make a vulpera when I get home


Questline for Vulp.

Unlock Vulp.

Make Vulp Monk. Mess around in Ogr, make some tents. Join the rest of the foxes there.

Faction change to Alliance.

Start progress towards unlocking all of the Alliance BFA allied races.

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Test the new AH, repost and try to get the new pvp recipes/ranks and other new craftables… check up Vulpera, maybe race change… and try out the new content on a character. I’m not sure how I feel about being permanently behind if I mess up or of the sorts on the new cyclical content…

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Same thing I do everyday, run around and collect xmog, quests, toys, recipes, mounts, farm service medals, typical stuff.


The first thing I will do tomorrow, which I have called the Foxpocalypse, is to do Heroic Wing Two of Operation: Mechagon. That way I can skip the first bosses and get straight to King Mechagon, murder him, and get the achievement. Then I do the unlock scenarios for Mechagnome and Vulpera. Then I create them. I log into my Hunter that unlocked Vulpera again since I plan to roll my Vulpera on a different realm and see how many Vulpera have been created on my high population realm. Then I log into my Mechagnome and see if there’s at least a few Mechagnome brothers and sisters. I can hope, right? :crazy_face:

Oh, my Hunter will tame that black fur Worg Wolf, I suppose.
If it is really untameable otherwise, I got to.

unlock fox

take fox to inn


Gonna organize a March of the Vulpera to raid Stormwind on my server.
No I won’t.
Prolly gonna do Cloak questline. :man_shrugging:


I would totally join that raid. Make it happen please.




Unlock Adorable Murderfloofs.

Make an Adorable Murderfloof… or two. Or three.


i will play 8.3 and cry in the forums like everyone else will.


I’m gonna try out the new auction house, then probably do the main story quest a bit.

Check the forums first, to see who is demanding a full refund for, forgetting it is Maint. Plus patch day and a surge of players logging in at once.

Alt tab away and sit in Cryodill in ESO spamming Inevitable Detonation at Zergs. Till about Noonish pst and play some WoW then.