What will the new ranking meta be?

Hopefully it will be WSG and then AB.


I think I have a pretty good idea, but I don’t want to say it. :cowboy_hat_face:

Mostly because it can’t work if everyone does it.

Which means it won’t work anyway because word WILL get out.

Without premade AV alliance will have zero incentive to join since pug vs pug is 90% horde dominated. Get ready for some glorious WSG spam.


Without premades Alliance will be on even footing with Horde in AV. If the honor in AV is still better Alliance will still queue for it.

We will still be able to premade. Their fix is easily bypassed.

WSG will never be meta. It can’t compete with AV honor under any conceivable circumstance.


There will only be 1 av button to select…

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Excuse me for not taking your word for it. :rofl:


the same meta as now, premade av. this will just make the premades a bit weaker by having a few less ppl

People will shift to premade WSG, until everyone starts doing premades, and then those people realize that wasting an hour in bg is less preferable to scuffed AV. That is until AB comes out.

TFW you realize that they haven’t done anything to actually remove our ability to make premades. When they consulted with us about potential changes we were able to get them to drop the changes that would have actually impacted our ability to premake. This may impact the public discords for one day. It will not impact us.

Hopefully WSG becomes the new meta.

If not, alliance premades will form 8 5 man groups and will queue as they always do. They’ll pop a new game (always listed on the bottom of the page) and those that arent queued for the bottom game can simply queue for that one

Dont forget horde crying over pally+druid combos in WSG premades


They already see this activity as cancerous. They will make other changes if need be like RNGing people that que at the same time into different AVs for one.

Maybe they can start taking rank away from you exploiters or perma banning any of you that pay or take money.


But none of that will be visible anymore.


Oh come on, you know Blizzard always consults with cheaters before implementing changes that would keep them from cheating.

Lol is right.


There are already addons that give far more information than is on display in the client.

You must be unfamiliar with Blizzard (and the definition of cheating). Blizzard often consults with the best of the best in their various games before rolling changes out. Top tier players are extremely lucrative because of the amount of influence we have on various media platforms.

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