What will blizzard's next unreasonable bot fix be?

I think the next idiotic thing they’ll do is add Captcha’s every time you enter a dungeon. If you can’t solve it in under 1 minute, it hearth’s you.

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it’s WoW token.
they’ve been wanting to bring it in from the very start, this is their way of softening people to the idea of it because “it will 100% fix botting issues!!!”
expect it in about 2-4 weeks.


probably this.

Whelp, turns out it’s actually banning bots…

This must be embarrassing :rofl:

Let’s just hope they keep it up and do it more frequently.

They already use the WoW token in the Chinese version of the game because of the gold farming/botting problem there.

WoW Token will be here before naxx or introduced with it… Solidly this is the only avenue left after the farmers find ways around the 30 dungeon cap.

Too little too late with the bot banning shenanigans

Hopefully itll be to nerf improved blizzard and permafrost.

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What’s embarrassing is them banning less than HALF what china did in one week.

And what is even MORE embarrassing is you thinking that what they’ve done is anything close to good enough.

I’d imagine the WoW population in China is much greater than the rest of the world combined. So I’m not sure that’s a valid comparison.

I don’t believe I ever said that.

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I cAnT MulTi BoX ZuL FaRrAk AlL DaY NoW

This is literally all i read with these people complaining about 30 instances a day.


Not true, some people like me, complain about the 30 instances a day because we know it wont help get rid of botters. I don’t care if they leave the limit or they lower it to 20 a day, I just care that they do something to get rid of bots.

I’m very very skeptical of this. the timing is… something else. the number is 100% a lie one way or another, 74,000 exactly? if not (there’s no real reason to lie about this) why would you not post the actual number?

They still haven’t bothered to explain why everyone needs to pay the penalty because they failed to act soon enough.

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Let’s have them nerf PI and holy nova too. Ik what let’s have only white hits for warriors and rogues. We can also reduce the chance to crit to 0. We could also just delete the game too.

If you think aoe farming as a priest is anywhere remotely close to the effectiveness and speed of mages, you are retarded.


U obviously aren’t feral than

If even 50% of all bots were banned, then they should remove layers in servers like Whitemane and see if there is a queue. I’ll believe they’ve gotten rid of botters when layers on my main’s server Whitemane are removed and there isn’t a queue there.

Any bot that gets to 60 by botting shows that blizzard’s “powerful system” is not powerful at all.

It’s not but it’s not supposed to be. U can do a lasher farm tho pretty quickly. Mages are supposed to be the aoe class. Every class has its niche role. U want to nerf mages, then nerf inspiration or even get rid of that stun resist. Could also get rid of PoH by your standards

Most bots are mages and hunters. Why do you think that is?

Well, no.

If we’re going to accuse them we shouldn’t misinterpret what was said. They said over 74,000. I’d assume that means between 74,000 and 75,000.

I don’t really suspect anything based on the timing. Anecdotally, I did not notice any bots on my short trip from Hammerfall, Arathi to my AoE grinding spot on my 33 mage earlier today. I usually see at least a few.

Indeed, my mistake sir.

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Your complaint is about pathing abuse then. Bots who are mages or hunters abuse pathing. Do you want them to nerf kiting too. Which is actually part of class design. Mages and hunters are not really supposed to be hit. Let’s also take away a locks ability to fear.