What were the bug fixes for this patch?

Like what??

Usually you list what was changed/fixed.

Are we supposed to play detective and try to figure out ourselves what was fixed (if anything?).

Seems like it.


Im curious too. I saw it was for a priority bug of some sort. IDK what changed

ya your thinking about what happened 30mins ago, im more curious about the supposed bug fixes in this version 1.13.3. I’m curious about the “priority bug” as well, but am more curious what the fixes (if any) were.

when is this patch supposed to come out?

its live now.

They said priority bug so I think it’s the one where mobs are dropping to 1 HP and not dying.

I could be wrong.

but what about the “bug fixes” Kaivax so eloquently added in

What were they? I’m surprised no one really seems to care what the details are.

They broke totem timers and the macro that could be used to remove totems. I would appreciate patch notes that reflect these changes.

It wasn’t the biggest bug sadly, which is the AV bosses not getting buffed from towers/bunkers. Guess Blizz either can’t figure out how to recreate/QA something this simple or they really are trying to make this game fail.

I used to work at a company with less than 20 employees. Even there we had a test environment and change logs but idk lol

The report format for patches in 04-06 ERA I really enjoyed.

I appreciated how they went into tiny details of all of the changes fixes etc. and it was really fun to read.

There is nothing of that sort now though…

Here was the old style reporting for patch 1.12. There are obviously many bug fixes and notes etc because it was probably the biggest patch in vanillas timeline.

(Scroll down to the bugs fix portion)

I dont expect a list as big as the 1.12 notes, but Im baffled by the lack of information they seem to be willing to deliver and peoples acceptance of that I suppose…

Its almost like there is some sick and deviant dev that gets a twisted pleasure out of being as vague as possible with what sort of changes are going on behind the scenes. Not open at all. I don’t like the present style of bug fix information.


Can confirm all the major rogue bugs and spell batching bugs are still there.

Yes it’s very bizarre, I have never played an MMO that didn’t post detailed changes and bug fixes

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Blizzard would likely LOVE to replay with

This is classic - there are no changes and that is why we didnt include a list of fixed bugs (even though we added bug fixes to the bottom —wtf??)


There are bugs though, that exist in classic - that did not exist in 1.12 Vanilla. Blizzard seems intent on refusing to acknowledge this reality. I honestly just dont expect this game to ever play like 1.12 Vanilla with the legion backport and all, but thats my own little gripe.

I just wish they would say a little bit more… I want classic to be successful and authentic to its root mechanics, they seem unable to discuss these sorts of quandrys in any regard and it is annoying =/. I dont really want to get into specifics about what mechanics etc, just take a look through the bug report forum and see how many you agree with and test them out of possible.

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Where’s the bug in the patch notes of them introducing the final bosses in AV not getting buffed by towers/bunkers bug?

Here is how software works (I used to be a dev).

The part you see is less than 5% of everything. The other 95% makes the 5% you see work properly. So if there are bugs in the 95%, it is important to fix them.

But they cannot be explained to you, without giving you an hour-long lecture explaining all the parts of the software that you don’t see, and how they work together.

It isn’t like every bug is “this user-visible distance was 8 yards and should have been 5 yards”. Those are the easy ones.

Thanks for your reply.

So bug fixes like the one I made a report for here → *Still broken* [WARLOCK] - Pyroclasm delayed proc *Still broken* a few months ago arnt worth mentioning as bug fixes? Do you agree? i think thats a big enough fix to have it be noteworthy.

Word on the street; Warlocks could summon the flag carrier in WSG which is unintended and high priority to fix as well as players being able to cross-realm trade items and gold within BGs.