What was your vanilla realm?


Hey Guys,

I started playing WOW about 6-8 weeks after it launched. I’ve only posted on the forums a few times, but I’ve been following the classic forums a lot.

I played regularly from vanilla through wrath. After that, I would come back for a little bit and quit again. Obviously, I’ve come back and played enough to get this toon to 120.

I’m excited about classic. For me, it was the best iteration of wow. I’ve never really enjoyed any of the expansions as much as I enjoyed Vanilla.

My guild cleared MC, BWL and part of AQ40 and we went into Naxx, but never downed a boss. In pvp, I reached rank 9 or 10 with this guy, can’t really remember. I’m hoping to get with a guild that will do Naxx this time around.

Having said all of that, my vanilla server was Warsong. Just wondering where some of you guys rolled in vanilla.


Staghelm at launch, but I quit because the game spent more time crashed than available. I came back on Ysera about six months later when they fixed the issues, and have been there ever since.


Fire tree then Muradin

(Rözen) #4

I was on Scarlet Crusade until they made new servers for Burning Crusade. They offered a free server xfer to the new realms so I took it because my RL friend was going. That’s how I ended up on The Scryers.


I first started playing on Gnomeregan when I started playing. I then played on Draka until Burning Crusade was released.

(Ànguss) #6

Played on Alleria all the way through Cata… mostly quit when Pandas existed.

(Sharmarli) #7

I started late as I didn’t get the game until Christmas 2005. One of my first experiences was taking several days to download the AQ patch on my slow internet.

I started with a Druid on the Argent Dawn server but since it was a full server I got tired of waiting in queue for 45min to 1hr to play.

When Steamwheedle Cartel opened in March 2006 I re-rolled Sharm there with a couple of friends and that has been my main server ever since although I do have characters on other servers including Argent Dawn as well.

(Igotsoul) #8

I played on Detheroc during Vanilla. I think Detheroc is a dreadlord from WC3?

I played on Deathwing during TBC, WotLK, and Cata. We all know who Deathwing is.


Bonechewer originally. Then decided that PvP wasn’t my thing and rolled on Dalaran.


Made this character on Uther along with many alts. Now I have a few on Runetotem. Have been on Uther for over 14 years.

(Thundertotem) #11

I got started on Scarlet Crusade as Alliance, but when I went full time horde in Wrath, I switched to Blackwater Raiders

(Rözen) #12

I was alliance on SC too! I was in Crimson Legacy then Blood and Honor when Crimson Legacy disbanded.

(Thundertotem) #13

I started with my local wargaming group, The guild was Sentinels of the Forge. They are still around too on the server, just not really active anymore.

(Savax) #14

Feathermoon then Emerald Dream

(Chawana) #15

Started as a gnome warlock on Scarlet Crusade,
Made a new Orc shaman on Twisting Nether with my brother/friends

Transferred to Altar of Storms in TBC, so the above 2 are my only vanilla level capped characters.

(Rözen) #16

Eyyyyyy another Scarlet Crusader!

(Vhardrek) #17

I started playing in early 2006 on Kael’thas, and stayed there until just before the end of TBC.

(Chawana) #18

Eyyyyy, they seem to be common here.

I was more involved with PvP on my gnome warlock, as raiding didn’t work with how little ‘freedom’ I had back then.

How about you?

(Rözen) #19

I was a resto druid named Rozencrantze. I did more raiding than PVP. I did pvp a ton while leveling though. The 30-39 bracket of WSG/AB in particular was a great time. I miss good ole Scarlet Crusade. I hope its an option in Classic.


Started on Firetree, then switched to Korgath during Cata. Rolled this character on Argent Dawn to play with friends during Legion and BFA.