What was the meta for tbc arena?

I don’t really remember what the arena meta was. I would like to prep a character for tbc server transfer.

We’re shamans good at arena?


Druid + anything for 2’s.
RMP for 3’s.
No clue what 5’s used.


What thunder said. Rogue/mage/priest for 3v3s. Anything with a resto Druid or holy priest for 2s.

Nobody played 5s.

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5s were Holy Pal/Resto or Ele Sham/Priest/Warrior/X
Where is was mostly another Warrior or Mage, but could be a rogue or a hunter.

3s could be RMP, Double-Healer War, Rogue/Druid/Lock

Shadow Priest/Lock was also pretty strong in 2s once they made it so you could not swap to your shadow-resist gear.


SL/SL lock/druid was big


What the guys said above and also warlock/hunter/pally.
Back in the day I ran BM hunter, with a lock and a holy pally.

You can have success with a lot of different combos, I hit 2k in 2s as a shockadin/rogue, but it was impossible to get any higher vs the standard druid comps that we faced 100% of the time at that point.


Depends on what patch of TBC.

Rets were op in the beginning.
Cloak of shadows (one sub and combat rogue)

Druid + whatever

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2s healer & dps

Resto Druid + warrior/rogue/warlock/hunter

Warrior + resto shaman or holy paladin


2s double dps



Warrior/Ret/resto shaman
Warrior/warlock/resto Druid
Double rogue + resto Druid
Rogue/lock/resto Druid
Double healer + warrior

The drain comp of lock/hunter/priest


2345 (for those who were around then).

Of course you could make a lot of stuff work but those were common.


Beast cleave was also good.

Nothing compares to RMP and Double Healer+Dps.

In 5’s I loved 4dps+Holy Pally.

SL/SL Lock and Resto Druid was a cut above everything in 2s.

3s was RMP. Nobody really did 5s, but I remember that most comps had shammies in them usually as elemental.

Aside from resto druids, really BC PVP was pretty balanced in most cases, even if mace spec rogues and stormherald warriors were obnoxious.


Well I appreciate the info guys. I did limited arena with a rogue back in the tbc days. I forget what it was all like then.

2s: Rogue/Mage, Rogue/Dpriest, Rogue/Spriest, Mage/Dpriest, Mage/Spriest, Hunter/Dpriest, Hunter/Druid, Rogue/Druid, Warrior/Druid, Warrior/Rsham, Warlock/Druid, Warlock/Dpriest, Warlock/Spriest, Rogue/Warlock, Hpaladin/Warrior, Hpaladin/Warlock, Rpaladin/Rsham

3s: Rogue/Mage/DPriest, Rogue/Lock/Druid, Hunter/Lock/Druid, Hpaladin/Warrior/Dpriest, Warrior/Lock/Druid. Warrior/Rpaladin/Shaman


I remember the KFC comp being a thing. I believe it was Warrior, Hunter, Shaman? or did that come after TBC?

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Shamans were pretty medium in 2’s. Better in 3’s. That doesn’t mean you can’t do well with shamans (I used to follow some multiglad 2’s shamans on warcraft vids back in the day) but it is much harder than afking as a war/druid 2’s team to free 2k rating.

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Shamans were great in all brackets, particularly resto, and particularly in 3v3 and 5v5. 2v2 they weren’t exactly top tier, but were still very capable of gladiator ranks.

Additionally I think that 5v5 in classic tbc will be much more popular than it was when tbc was retail, and I will be doing my damndest to find the best disc priest, mage, lock, shaman players for that bracket because the amount of cc/burst that comp has in tbc is insane and I never really got to play it back in the day. Small pop server issues Antonidas represent :frowning:

I recall running SLSL Lock/ Disc Priest/Resto Druid. Was a kek. Deep destro Lock/ BM Hunter was also fun

That’s incorrect.

It’s RPM and don’t you forget it.

I ran Rdruid Warrior as I mostly dabbled in 2s. A lot of rogue mage combos out there otherwise healer + DPS was pretty common. One time against an SL/SL Warlock/Druid combo I kicked the Warlock’s Fel Dom resummon. Was glorious.

Warriors, Druids, and Locks of various comps were also painful to deal with for the obvious reasons in 3’s… RMP in 3’s was super strong also, but didn’t they nerf that in Season 4 or something with some DR changes? Maybe I am thinking about Season 5 wrath on the RMP nerf.