What was the justification for making the grabbling hook talent not work in old content?

It seems entirely unfair to Survival Hunters that their talent literally doesn’t work on old content.

The tool tip in game doesn’t mention that it doesn’t work on old content either.

Harpoon works in old content wdym?

It doesn’t reset on kill on old content after you’re out of chromie time.

are you referring to “terms of engagement?”

The talent that resets it after you kill anything. It doesn’t work on old content anymore after you level out of it.

It makes doing old content like transmog runs extremely slow as Survival. There’s no point in even doing old content as Survival when BM does it 3x faster due to the harpoon not reseting.

BM doesn’t do it 3x as fast, all 3 specs do old content the same, pull stuff, dont attack so trailblazer doesn’t get removed, then press 1 aoe move to kill everything and continue

Yes, they do.

BM Hunter runs faster.

Is ranged.

Barrage can clear a room in like a second.

And they can cast on the move.

I farmed with both specs. I always switch to BM as I can pull from one area to the next and not stop. Also pets pick off any stragglers.

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3X is a massive exaggeration when the optimal way to do old raids as hunter is to not attack so trailblazer stays up while you pull everything

It’s not just Harpoon. Some “on death” effects don’t proc if you one-shot a mob. Other abilities (Soul Flame, etc), have the same problem.

It’s a known issue that’s been happening at least since the start of DF, but Blizz apparently can’t be assed to fix it.

It really isn’t.

BM Hunters in old content never stop moving.

Survival Hunters are wheezing and out of breath as they slowly run behind and have to wait for their Bomb and Hook cooldowns.

I wish Blizzard would just fix it. It’s awful trying to do old content on my Survival Hunter. He’s simply way slower at clearing than stacking speed and never stop running as a BM Hunter.

I know how to fix your issue